Information is POWER

were you ever looking for information about your country and you couldn’t find it?? were you ever researching for basic information about a special topic in your country but you couldn’t find it?? well it happened to Ali & Musaed soooo many times that we felt we needed to talk about it for this week. We discussed how important information and information accessibility and why we need it more than ever here in Kuwait

listen to our show this week and let us know what you think


4 Replies to “Information is POWER”

  1. exactly information is power, if the info and all consensus details were provided and easily accessed this would make life easier for all students and researchers..

  2. Thanks a lot guys for bringing this topic up. We are in the 21st century now. All information should be digitized and made accessible for all people to get the most of. You specifically must be having a real hard time and make me have a second thought about doing business in Kuwait. Such information are crucial for building successful business, and in the end, it’s not the business owner who reads the benefits only, it’s the end user and country as a whole.

    I would suggest you check Kuwait Firefighters site they have monthly updated reports on fires, causes, deaths, locations and more. Maybe not helpful to you, but it definitely is for others, and it’s a perfect example of what we want to have.

    Also, I can’t resist recommending this book even though I am anti-Microsoft. Bill Gates had a nice, though bit old, book called Business @ The Speed of Thought. Talks not only about information accessibility, but digitizing it, and connecting it all together to make a kind of digital nervous system, where any unusual change in a place affects and notify all others. You can find it also in Kuwait bookstores I guess. It was in Virgin back then, when Virgin was worthy visiting.

  3. I agree with the speakers that information is power and it is the responsibility of the government to provide the information it has already and not to hide anything. I don’t think it’s the role of the government to conduct studies to determine the number of meals every citizen has at restaurant, and even if the government tries to conduct such a study, simply it will fail. On the other hand it can promote research in Kuwait University and other private universities so they can disseminate the information needed about the Kuwaiti people. The private sector should also contribute in the funding of these studies because many companies will benefit from the results.
    Before producing new information, the first step should be making the available information accessible and being genuinely transparent. I don’t think the government will be transparent voluntarily. I don’t think the ministry of health for example will reveal the number of HIV cases in Kuwait, it will tell us the number of deaths due to medication errors just because they want to be transparent. So the national assembly should legislate to ensure the freedom of information is there in Kuwait for anyone needs it.

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