Kuwait Events Calendar

What is your plan for tonight? Do you know if there any events happening in Kuwait for the weekend? is there a new band playing somewhere in Kuwait? what the movies showing up in the cinemas soon?
wanna find out
check out our new Kuwait Events Calendar by clicking here
Also we have a list which will be updated daily on the right of the new upcoming events in Kuwait

PLEASE: if there is an event you want us and want to post it to our calendar … just email us at deera.chat@gmail.com

9 Replies to “Kuwait Events Calendar”

  1. This is fantastic, it would be better however if the calendar could be exported in iCal format (for subscription etc.) 🙂 Good job though, I only managed to get my iPod working recently, so i’ll get your feed when I get home.

  2. Transparently Blue
    thanks for your kind comment and welcome on board 🙂
    this is the ical address you can use and you can also go to the events page
    and click on subscribe and there will be a ical option there
    and yeah don’t forget to listen to our podcast
    and don’t forget to tell your friends

    thanks and welcome on board
    it is not only the events .. we also have a podcast!!!

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