Kuwaitis and British Chocolate

If you ever been on a trip from London to Kuwait, you would notice all Kuwaitis carrying big bags filled with CHOCOLATE?? why would they do that??? we already have the same chocolate here in Kuwait, does the British one have a better taste?? or it is just a prestige to give out British Cadbury Chocolate.

well listen to our show this week and then let us know what you think

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  1. Its universal ! We Indians carry ‘spices and Tea , sarees back to India while gong on vacation , the very things exported from India we carry them back paying more money ‘.. i wonder why we do that ?

  2. Regular supermarket variety chocolate from a country not famous for producing fine chocolate? Yet another proof that convenience wins over originality every time! People pick what’s practical over what is authentic or more thoughtful.
    And the excuse that it tastes better than locally available varieties? A case of “The grass is always greener on the other side”!

  3. Someone had better open up a franchise for Thorntons in Kuwait, and soon to put Kuwaitis out of the misery of having to lugg truck loads full of British chocolats back to Q8.
    Can you imagine I used to think all this time the young and the restless from Q8 would carry Cadburys back with them from England because somehow it made them appear very ‘cad’ ?
    Now how lame is that?!

  4. The chocolate fabricated in UK is made to suit people’s taste in that region. The one that we have in Kuwait is supposed to suit ours. But since Kuwaitis got used to having those from UK they buy it from there. I would not be surprised that some of them actually buy it for the sake of buying it abroad. The only way to find out is to actually eat one of each at the same time to know if there’s a real difference.

  5. why are you so annoyed about ppl buying chocolate as so’3a ..
    you are over reacting ! these are personal preferences..
    ur making mn el 7abba gbba !!! 🙂

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