license to walk

get link we have been acting like the walking police in malls, super markets, airports, etc. We came up with the following conclusion that we don’t know how to walk in public. In our show this week, we are giving tips and pointers here and there that would make our lives more organized when we walk in public so listen up and let us know what you think

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  1. Helloooo :)) miss me ? guess not :/

    as if you’re reading my mind … i was in the movies the other day .. and i had to say lawsama7tay law sama7t many times just to avoid someone hitting me ! .. they’re either so speedy while walking and freeks you out .. or they’re so slow and it just so annoying if you’re behinde them ..

    but here .. ohh ..emda3am o tekefekh .. * and this new hijab style is making a huge slowness cuz it attracts ppl to see what’s wrong with that gurls head 😛 hehehe * i dont blame ppl cuz its just an ugly hijaab . * make an episode about it * lol ;p

    fight trafic .. i like what you’ve said … i tottaly agree ..
    and this goes for guys and girls .. for girls .. if you’re going to a mall or shopping .. high heals is just bad ! .. you’ll be so slow and i personally will be happy pushing you hehehehe *evil* .. wear some thing flat and comfy you’ll be at normal speed .. not ugly and yeah you’re fat body would be looking nice while walking.. dont you agree ?

    eeee 3an el asansair ! .. ahhh .. bel dawam awal ma afta7 el asansair alga enass tedkhal o ana ele ba6la3 ma6ala3t ! its so scary by the way !

    thanks alot guys .. interesting ..
    wish you a happy weekend ..


  2. heeeeeeeeey bedooor,
    you know we would never forget about you, but same old story busy with are the oldest listener to Deera Chat and our logo designer so i don’t think we would forget about you 😉
    and LOL @ lawsama7taw comment and yeah i stopped going to the movies because of that, it is totally not worth it, one word of advice AJIAL, no one goes to that theater and you’ll enjoy it except it is too far
    and wal wal 3ala il attack 3ala il banat .. no comment from our side … bint commenting 3ala banat … ni6la3 minha a7san
    thanks for your comment and it is always great hearing from you, keep it up

  3. I’M not commenting 3ala banat .. but im saying my point of view .. and i kinda like it 😛 .. 9ig 9ig .. there are so much fashion crimes in malls .. and they’re ok with it so yeah maybe i would change something when i say something like that 😛 .. although i didnt notice any change 😛 .. just stay out of it for the sake of the blog ;p … heheh .. kidding .. ele bet3a9eb y3ne she’s one of those annoying ones ;p

    about law sama7tay law sama7t part . walah its true .. 3ad eshda3wa y3abroni .. ma7ad ewakher or ered 3alay .. ;///

    yeah i was busy too with life .. but i kept downloading the episods from itunes and listen to them while in the car or at the gym .. so yeah dont worry i didnt forgot about you either .. 😀 ..

    say im the first listener not the oldest …felt like im ages older ! .. im young :/ .. hehehehe ;p

    and yeah keep it up ;*

  4. Just as well we need pointers too on how not to mentally un-dress people as they walk past you in malls, restaurants and cafes. It’s so in your face, at times, it is embarassing for others sharing the same space as you, and who are silently observing your every move.

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