Movie Review: Elf

buy gabapentin tablets Will Ferrell did an amazing job acting this movie. it was his third movie after Old School which was his breakthrough even though he’s been in the biz for a while. The movie was released in 2003 during Christmas time. It is a light movie, perfect for family gatherings specially during this time and it will give you and your family a good laugh. Deera Chat Family recommends the movie and please let us know what you think.

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  1. Ali is a huge fan of the 28 days later … which is horror … we have not seen the 28 weeks later movie yet … it was pulled off Kuwait cinema’s for no reason ,,, but as for the 1st one … TOTALLY SCARY AND WORTH THE SCARE

  2. Hi .. i’ll check out elf .. as u guys recomended it 😀 ..
    and about scary movies .. well.. im not a fan of scary movies .. but from time to time i watch some good horror movies .. again not a fan of it ..

    i watched the Exorcism of emily rose…. yeah it was scary .. but i’ve heared that the one older was just hell o horror .. as my friends told me ..

  3. Elf is one of our very favorite Christmas movies. We watched it this year on Christmas night, and laughed and laughed, as if we had never seen it before. It is a very warm, funny, touching movie.

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