Old Ladies & Food

have you eaten yet?

why are you getting thinner every time i see you??

you look pale!!

how come you don’t eat healthy food??

these are some of the questions you usually hear from your mother, grandmother, aunt, older sister, or any old lady who loves you … WHY DO THEY CARE ABOUT US and OUR FOOD??? listen to this week’s show and let us know what you think

11 Replies to “Old Ladies & Food”

  1. Masa’a el Khair ;D
    shlooonkooom ?

    walah bravoo Mesaed tebara3t bel dam .. you’re my hero e9ara7a ..
    ana khawafa men el dam nafsa o men el ebraa … its just kind of phobia or something benesba li :/ .. mashalah 3alaik ..

    topic :
    year you’re so right ,,, old ladies love to make you eat .. and no matter what size you get .. you’re always thin and healthy food that is old types of food .. i mean the kuwaity food but her way of cooking with loooots of oil and * dihin 3adani * which i dislike by the way ..is the healthy food ..

    mother on the other hand ..Cares about the health and being slim or fat ..
    so she’s like .. bedoor hathy bedoon dihin .. hathy 6abkhenha bel steam ..
    eklay cham gafshat 3aish mo lazm kelaa ;P .. y3ne .. to make me eat from everything on the table .. laken eb little amounts .. Love u mom ;*
    cuz she knows that im not gona eat that much cuz im a normal person 😛
    i eat = get fat .. dont eat = be thin .. so yeah she’s into the game with me and makes me eat healthy cooked food ..

    so yeah every one has his/her way of expressing the way of making you feel loved .. but most old ppl do it with food and how much you eat .. they win ur heart .. ya7lailhom 😀

    hhehehe this is one fun episode .. Meased made me life at “خدودك راحو ” its sooo true ..

    Allah sushii :”P“` .. its been ages i didnt eat a decent yummy sushi ..
    bel 3afya 3alaaikom and keep up the good work 😀

    enjoy the weekend ..
    see ya soon enshalaah

  2. Meased made me life at “خدودك راحو ” its sooo true ..

    i meant Laugh not life :S
    my bad i posted the comment and didnt read it before ;/

  3. BeDoor have already posted twice so I think it’s safe now to say my word. Two poor bloggers are on the WANTED LIST now. I had nothing to do with it I swear.

    you reminded me of my grandmother. An old lady I used to visit her twice or more a week, until one day my dad told me she is upset from you. I was like WHAT! Yeah, you don’t eat anything when you go there ;/

    So every time I go, they ask me just of kindness what do you want?
    Do I have a choice?
    Aunt: No. Eggs. How many?
    Me: 2!
    Grandma: Naaah (iranian accent)..
    Me: OK 3 then
    Aunt: What kind?
    Grandma jumps: Scrambled egg
    Me: Speechless :S

    sometimes I have to eat 4 eggs also, and I am really SKINNY! this goes along with soft drink, tea, juice until I want to leave. She shouts at me angry!

    So now, I tell them you didn’t appreciate my sacrifice I won’t eat :). TAMAROD

  4. Bashar : hehehe you made me laugh ..
    no khala9 its ramadan im just being kind and living in peace ..
    o deera chat yestahlon … the most important thing is to see deera chat full of comenters and more new one to be here ..

    and yeah you’re a good guy ..
    just listen to your grandma and EAT .. being skinny is not that nice anymore 😛

    take care and enjoy your days ..
    till next time ..

  5. hey there great episode as usual ..
    yeah as you mentioned parents ask you to eat because they don’t have anything better to say ..
    in other words do you except mom’s to ask you “how’s your deera-chat episode?” or “did you know that the new I-pod has speakers” NOO ofcourse the only 2 ugly questions are:
    1- did you eat ?
    2- did you pray ?

  6. Guys;
    Nice episode this week.. was fun to hear it at noon when I was hungry. At that time I didn’t mind stuffing myself.. As an old guy myself, I appreciate being pampered and fed by the old ladies in my life.. I miss my Auntie (Allah yer7amha) who made me eat lightly on the first day of Ramadhan because I know we’ll visit her later that night and she just adored me because I never rejected any of her food.. I love being pampered.. sometimes I wish my wife does that to me, but ,alas, she has her own kids to nag to eat 😀

  7. 3ad ana akeel maa akeeel ham akheth bel 3arth..!
    bas u know what mn gareet this article last week 7aseet enee tha3aft 7 kilos
    from last week lel7een!! fa 7adi mo em9adeeg!!
    guys am going thinner!! mashkooreen 3al se7eer elee bel article

  8. يعطيكم العافيه الموضوع حلو بس انا حدي قفلت على لحن المقدمه تن تن تن دن دن حده سطايل :p
    . تكفون حطو اللحن كله ودي انزله منكم
    ثنكيو 🙂

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