Patient’s Family vs. Doctor’s expectation

Seroquel sale we come back to you with another episode on the relationship between doctors and patients. Usually families play the first defense line for their patients and man they are hard to deal with due to many reasons which Musaed will talk to you about this week. So plug in your headphones and listen to our show and then let us know what you think 😉

8 Replies to “Patient’s Family vs. Doctor’s expectation”

  1. Helloooooooo

    Miss ya Mi familiaa :*
    How are you ? inshalah kel shay tamam ..

    now about the episode .. on the trusting issues from my family and the doctor .. first of all .. i DONT trust doctors .. so how come i trust my family to trust the doc :/ .. ( not all doctors are evil by the way )

    but if im in the place of a family and a family member is having some medical issues i guess i’ll have some faith and trust the doc cuz at that moment i would do , feel , act whatever i can do to see the person i care of is back in a good health and basicly happy and improving health wise .

    what i hate the most in doctors , is those who do the work silently and never say a word .. so the patient is getting nervous and afraid of what is going to happen to him/her .. same point goes to the family .. they sometimes dont get the whole thing from the doctor .

    i agree on the last point Mesaed said .. tottally agree .. thanks for making it Clear Mesaed 🙂

    althought so many points in this episode.. but it felt so easy and so smoth mashalah .. and ended up so quickly 🙁 .. ( cant get enough )

    anyways thanks for your efforts and all ..
    Happy weekend to you both and the whole familia ..
    take care always
    and now SMILE 😀
    c ya

  2. trust is very important when it comes to dealing between people, friends, and doctors and family members … and yes by saying you don’t trust doctors you admit that we have a problem … and “may be” thats why people are calling from overseas treatment
    and to be able to build the trust bridge … you first have to know what u r doing … second have some communication skills to talk to the family members about the patient

    anyway thanks for your comment and wish you a hot happy summer 😉

  3. yeah i agree .. communication skills are very important in all cases ..
    i guess they must teach it at school .. cuz some times i face ppl with cheap and law communication skills .. and that’s just lame .. in nowadays life .

    wish you the same .. Got tanned yet ?
    i didnt .. my first try was last week in shalet and turned pinkish .. was happy with it .. but the next day .. its all gone .. 🙁 as if i didnt stay under the sum from 10 till 1 pm 🙁 .. yala next time enshalah 😀

    happy summer to you too ..
    enjoy 🙂

  4. I do think all what is needed is the trust from both sides! It has been missing there for many years ago and seems like it’s still there!

    1 case I recall is when I got into surgery room in labor! My ex-husband was told they have to operate because there are serious complications! What he said was NO!! I do not want any scars on my wife! I found that strange after founding out about that 3 days later! Well the doctors carried on and operated because it was a life threatening! Like that’s the unusual things from the doctors! I think this is all due to the communication between them!

    So yes I do think there should be better communication between doctors and the families! I was told in Finland that my daughter needed to get under the knife at the age of 1! Now that was hard, I did cry, but the doctor sat explained and went with me through the whole procedure so I would calm down and feel safe!

    I’m glad guys you did this episode!! Well said!! Very well said!!! 😀

  5. even though the family may have so many overwelming feelings

    but they should listen…or why even come to see the doctor in the first place

    bas sometimes the doctors need the families to knock some sense into them…ya3ni most doctors are short tempered…

    also doctors should simplifiy their speech and make it understandable for the common citizen

    alzebdah….both need to work on their communication skills

  6. Nora:
    see how things are different between here and there … HUGE difference … which we hope one day will reach ….
    and yeah thanks to Musaed to getting all the ideas 😉
    thanks dude

    welcome on board and what translation ur talking about??

    yeah totally agree lots of families are sooo stubborn and don’t listen and want to do what they think is right without having the doctor’s input on the situation
    it all comes back to the way communication is being handled between the two parties

    thanks for commenting

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