Radio Kuwait, What’s next!

buy modafinil com The official radio of Kuwait was first aired at 7:00 am on May 12th 1951. Audio & video streaming has been stopped until further notice by the Ministry Of Information. our show this week talks about the highly valued radio shows aired by Radio Kuwait and how to utilize these shows to the fullest by first airing the shows online and then taking a further step into the “new media” world which obviously is ignored by the Ministry of Information. Listen to our show this week and let us know what you think.

4 Replies to “Radio Kuwait, What’s next!”

  1. You right guys.
    I am one of the most admirers of Kuwait radio and it is my favorite one. I reside in KSA. Whe I leave my office 4:00 pm daily, I listen to the news, Juhaina news, نافذة على التاريخ and some time نجوم القمة.
    I think your radio is greatly serving in Kuwait and abroad, and it is really interested. The negative points you raised guy is absolutely right. I tried so many time to find an official web site or contact email to access to the archive but I couldn’t which make me bay a satellite receiver consolidated with a recorder to record the radio shows in may vacation, but still it is not a good idea as releasing them as a podcasts.

  2. wow man … you really loved the shows to go this far to record them … as for the podcasting aspect, why don’t you agree about releasing them as online podcasts? we do think otherwise because:
    1- the ease of listening to the shows anywhere, anytime
    2- the option to select your receiving content into whatever device you’d prefer
    3- all other international tv and radio stations are doing the same where if you listen to them, you’d have one single place for all your content to be listened to as you go
    4- archiving and search will be easy due to the web 2.0 tech podcasting include

    so let us know what you think

  3. Sorry ,,, i meant “I do Agree”…. you know 🙂 in my career, i have to use NOT more than anything else. I am computer programmer —->Security issues :).

  4. Hiii 😀
    Laish telma3 Mesaed ? what did you do ? 😛 or what happened ? 😛
    Bel3afya el banak 😛 .. Banak o Nafethat el tarekh ? .. *eqbar* :PpP
    ShakhBari kuwait FM !!

    i remember this is the chanel in which i listen to with dad whenever he takes me to .. like one of our *going out with dad* days ..

    Kuwait Fm its like any other gov. thingy .. there are limits guiding the workers there or the staff … they cant do whatever they want cuz it should be the Kuwait Fm .. something traditional .. about kuwait .. from kuwait and its islamicly wise .. and ofcourse nothing bad or funky would be going from there ..
    its educational .. and interesting in its oun way .. thats why its only for those who like it from the biggening ..

    im not saying its bad .. its nicee and historical in away .. but its NICE AND GOOD .. not the best ..
    bas shesawon .. a7es malhom 9ala7eyat efantegon feha .. cuz it should be like this .. i feel it meant to be like this from the start .

    Bu the way i listened to the first half and the player stopped .. and my ipod is in the car .. so i replyed for what i’ve listened ;pP .. hope i didnt repeate or say something off topic .

    Thanks ..

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