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Do we only watch junk tv during Ramadan?? or there is still people making some good shows worth wasting your time on? well as we viewed it here in Deera Chat that there is a bit of both and you the viewer who decides what makes a good show good or a bad show bad …

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P.S. you can download the new theme song from the Extras page … enjoy

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  1. I’m not good follower of Ramadan series. Yes some good historical series are being made. Majority however of what gets released is pure commercial. I am talking mostly about gulf series.

    For me, TV is about Fun, Boring and useful. Most are boring and bad. Some are fun, but in the end are time consuming. I would like to follow something short and light like Fereej. Useful is very minor. Days where لا إله إلا الله was produced are good example of useful stuff. See something interesting and educating about the history of prophets.

    Ramadan Oscar: Enough money making already :). No more SMS.

  2. embarak 3alaikom el shahar ….
    inshalah when im done with this comment i’ll be the first one :PpP .. hehehe

    love you wayed and miss you much ..
    i like the theme and the layout .. Thaanks Measaed .. love your taste .. at first i thought its by slaiman el daikan .. but its so nice .. infact i changed my ringing tone which was the deera chat old theme 😛 and now im having the new theme tone 😀

    i agree the syrian serials .. its soo nice and perfectly done .. the language is soo clear and powerfull .. and you can watch it rather than read a historical book .. its not always interesting to read ..

    gulf serials .. is .. well we’re a peacefull ppl .. we done fight and scream and hate each other every day in the year .. bas malainaa .. nabe shay faraa7 .. not comedy o malaqa o e3aybon 3ala el nass .. no something decent with a value and shows the univers that we in kuwait are decent loving ppl ! ..

    qair chethe .. may9er lama bel mosalsal el momathela etgol 9aba7 el khair .. o ehya labsa daraaa3aaaa o full makeupppp o ye3ne akher kashkhaa o ehya tawha basmela g3da men el nom la o weekend mako dawam ! ( y3ne akhaf bs e7na chethe by nature awal mangom men el nom mtmakyejeen ! ) common be real !

    ana mara taba3t 7alaqtain o ana madre enhom 2 different serials ..o kel yom agol hathy meta etkhale9 hal 7alaqa .. 6ala3 ena kel wa7da qair bas nafs el momathelen o ana mashya bel qe9a …

    same stories .. same faces and the things they wear .. and why we show ppl that we’re cruel and evil and that we are always dressed up and looks scary , i mean look perfect in the house .. who the hell live like this life everyday in a year ! ..

    im with the new idea Meased ..

    something worth mentioning .. في مسلسل خالد بن الوليد ممثلين كويتين وصلوا ان يكونون في مسلسل تاريخي سوري قوي وايد و هذا نوع من الارتفاع في هالمجال .. ولا الباجي اللي يقلدون الناس و يعيبون على خلق الله هذا عمره ماراح يكون شي يرفع الكويت

    Allah ewafegkom enshalah fe kel khair o alah y36eekom 3ala gad neyatkom
    o dam ako nass etfaker nafskom aked el kuwait eb khair ..
    one day something big will happen to you guys .. cuz i personally feel that you’re so devoted to what you do ..and that;s the best thing one can be .. devoted to something like kuwait and not waiting any thing in return ..

    love you guys ,
    take care

  3. [Bedorr: inshalah when im done with this comment i’ll be the first one :PpP .. hehehe]

    Next time I suggest you first write short comment just to step your first foot and then take the rest of the day to express your mind 🙂

  4. Mubarak aleekom alshahar..
    i love the theme song it’s really nice..
    to be honest you covered every little aspect in your topic you left me out with nothing to say or comment about ..
    thanks and keep up the good work!!

  5. Bashar : … ha ha ha .. not funny ;/
    you took my place .. go away :@ ..
    you taker of 1st places …:@ … hehehehehe

    anyways cuz im a nice person .. i’ll say el mokan mokanick .. o 7ayack alaah ..

    o emabarak 3alaick el shahar Bashaar .. love your name ;p
    bashar ya bashar .. haya ela el 3amali 😛 ( should be ur morning alarm 😛 )
    hunger is playing me good .. ;/ .. sooo .. how is life bashar ?
    when will you comment the next time ? 3ashan asbegeck 😛

    cheers 3ala golat Bo Rashid 😀

  6. BeDoor: W Salam… thanks for reminding me about my theme song ;/
    hate how many names I’ve been called with. Bashar ya bashar. Bashar al galb al me7tas, bashar singer, bashar player and and..

    Anyways, next time I will only comment after u 🙂

    my life is cool after I resigned :P.doing what I want now + family time 🙂

  7. Bashar : .. la dont be saad .. you have a nice name .. apearantly with famous ppl :PpP

    coool .. its nice to be the boss of yourself saa7 ?! ..
    wish you the best in life and family always comes first ..

    thanks again .. and no problem you’re sweet and you can comment whenever you want .. just wait a few days for me to be there lool .. la la kidding ..

    and that’s it … enjoy your days .. and enjoy Ramadan ;D

    Deera chat family , sorry im using ur comment site to reply for ppl ..
    love you :*

  8. إعداد يوسف كاظم:
    مساحة جديدة تفتح أمام قرائنا الأعزاء ممن يتابعون مختلف الأعمال الفنية التي تقدم خلال دورة برامج شهر رمضان المبارك عبر كل شاشات القنوات التلفزيونية المختلفة.. حيث تتاح الفرصة لكم قراءنا الأعزاء بالتعبير عن آرائكم وملاحظاتكم حول تلك الأعمال والبرامج عبر رسائل قصيرة (SMS) ترسل إلى رقم 9878322 حتى تجد مكانها عبر صفحات فنون «الوطن».
    ونحن بانتظار مشاركاتكم القيمة عبر صفحاتنا مع مراعاة تجنب التجريح أو ذكر العبارات غير اللائقة ونحن على ثقة بأنكم ستوجهون رسائلكم وثناءكم ونقدكم بشكل موضوعي وبناء كما عاهدناكم.. فإذا عندك رأي..؟؟ مسجنا.

    تاريخ النشر: الاحد 16/9/2007

  9. Bashar;
    it seems u bitten Bedoor for the first comment and i know she is mad for it hehehehe
    u said it is pure commercial!!! which is sad,
    well the Oscar i believe will encourage producers to make good and more stuff, or what you think

    hahaha … nope you r the first one hehehe ….
    thank you for your kind comments on the new theme and music …
    you forgot to mention the ladies in the Syrian shows !! how dare you hahaha … yeah it is me, Ali replying hehehehe
    and BIG LOOL 3ala saba7 il ‘7ir oo full make and it is soooo true man …
    thank you again for your very kind comment and without you and the other listeners we wouldn’t exist

  10. ohh yeah i did forgot the ladies .. rakazt bas 3ala el men :S .. me sorry me sorry … aked we wont forget them .. they are great .. even when they act the serials which shows their everyday life .. they make you believe every tiny bit of the serial and moves ur feelings if its sad or happy .. mashalah 3alaihom

    this Ramadan im being so negative and comment on everything and spots the mistakes so eaaaaaaaaasy this Ramadan ,, im just waiting for the serial to be banned or so …

    this ramadan .. the timing is very bad for the serials .. day time there is nothing and everything else is after fotor time …

    mosabaqat 7aleeemaaaaaa ….. is another storrrrrrrry … X”’l

    thanks Ali 😀
    i really felt happy reading ur reply .. 😀 ..
    take care ..

  11. walla ana menkuroof bel dawaam ya3nee sij marat ta9deef enee a6alee3 tv bas ma afhaam walla shai mokheee entahaa mn el dawaam oo akoon 7adi ta3ban lol bas 3ashan el ahaal they should keep up the good work lol
    note:ana al7een bel dawaaam oo ga3d akteeb ebser3a 7adee
    (no timeto play around)


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