Review: Cookies n Cream

Yesterday i was told by il ‘7al Musaed that there is a new cookies place in Town, located in Bneid il Qar. The place is run by two Kuwaiti guys and owned by their mother, i think hehehe. anyhow they are nice people coz they made me try almost everything they had and man it was GOOOD, I give it two thumbs up!
the place is small but very nice and worth visiting. It is located in the second turn after Kabab il 7oja on Mohamad Rafi3 Maarafi street.
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15 Replies to “Review: Cookies n Cream”

  1. Kuwait guys makin cookies??? I didnt even know they cook much less bake!! Lol 🙂 Well its definately worth a try then. I wish em the best of luck!

  2. hmmm, now i hungry, and i want the cookis, but i’m not in kuwait *_*
    anyhoo, if i ever do come to kuwait the first place i’m going to is that cooki place, coz mn j di looooove cookies 😀

  3. really??
    and i just replied 2 ur comment on my blog before reading ur reply here….
    habeeb walla ali, el-guloob 3inda ba’9ha el-ba’9

  4. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!
    I went crazy lookin for the place, u gave bad directions my friend….i checked everywhere in bnaid el gar, WHAAAA??!!
    r u sure its the second turn? i dont think so…

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