Shopping Decisions

Is your closet packed with stuff you don’t wear? do you buy stuff to touch your skin once? do you really need all the stuff you buy? man, there are many questions you have to ask yourself before buying clothes, and today we at Deera Chat analyzed the situation and we offered some solutions to this dilemma, so listen to us and see how true this case

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19 Replies to “Shopping Decisions”

  1. Hellooo …
    woohooo akheeeran .. i’ve been waiting for the episode since morning ! i even thought its not thursday or soo thaanks …

    and yeaaaaah niceeeeee banneeeeeer … woohoooo good job you guys … love it … who did that ? .. meee ? .. hehehehe yeah yeah im happy .. lol .. Glad you liked it …Love you deera chat

    walaaah 3ad today i went shopping and i was like nothing to my taste nor nice for body shape .. * yeah yeah fatty whatever * ..
    for me personal .. trend not always attracts me .. its like i have my own trend o what is my liking .. and ofcourse what makes me comfortable …

    shopping is a must but im always limited with the shops and choices that i need to wear as to be conservative or like neat .. neatness is so important ..

    money value is really an issue when travelling .. i agree .. specially when the brand is not availabe in kuwait and sometimes its cheaper than ordering it online – the shipping u know ..

    one with me in work .. she likes to show off .. she’s like from head to heals full of brand names and stuff .. but when you come to her thinking and mind .. she’s like .. air head ! or a head full of fashion and resturants and money and houses and fancy hotels .. life is not just that ! .. so she was talking about latest fashion for at least 2 hours and i really felt bord i wanted her to leave real soon .. so i was like : but i believe that a person has so much things than a brand name he/she is wearing.. weather its 1 kd or 100 kd thingy .. who cares !!!! its u who make it worth wearing not the brand name on it … i acted busy then but i really felt the shock on her face …لما الواحد يكون واثق بنفسة اللبس يزهى عليه مهما كان سعره او ماركته

    this the way i think .. life is short dont waste it on getting what is not nice just bcuz u have the money and you want to show off about that brand name cuz it only exist in paris or london …

    about the company yes i agree with you guys .. for me i cant shop with certain ppl .. and i really prefer shopping alone morning time ! i really enjoy it .. but when im with ppl .. no i cant shop ..

    the mall or the place yeah it can affect .. i recently knew that some shops in the avenues have special selections that only goes there in the avenues .. for example .. H&M .. some stuff there in the avenues comes only to the avenues branch and not to marina mall .. i guess to make ppl go there more .. u know .. a smart way i guess ..

    and thats it … yeah yeah .. a long comment … shasawe cant help it hehehe
    Thanks alot to you both 😀
    have a nice weekend …
    and take care alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays
    till next week inshalah …
    Smileee you finished reading my comment ..
    c yaa … tata ;>

  2. You forgot another important factor – fluctuating weight.

    Since women suffer from fluctuating weights more than men do, becuase of puberty, pregnancy and so on, they tend to cling to their old stuff in the hope of losing weight and being able to fit in them again.

    70% of women never lose weight and with every baby the pile of favorite clothers gets bigger and bigger in their wardrobes. I call this the “wishful thinking” pile.

    30% who do lose weight discover that these clothes are no longer trendy (raa7at mothat-ha) and can’t wear them for the risk of committing a fashion suicide, wearing something that is years old – but still they keep these clothes because they are emotionally attached to them. Here we have another pile which I call the “lost hopes” pile.

    In other words, clothes pile up not only because we buy too much, but because we hesitate in giving away clothes that no longer fit us or that are out of date. Otherwise, how can you explain to me the baby dress that I used to wear when I was 1 year old that is still lurking in my mother’s cupboard?

  3. Well, first great new banner, nice work Bedoor. Sound quality? Sorry to disappoint you I did not feel the difference :). It has always been this good (not bad).

    As for shopping, send me shopping is like sending me to hell! I hate it. People who know must have said it behind my back at least. When ever I find a piece of clothes that I really like and it fits me (specially jeans, I’m so picky on it) I will stick with it for very long time, because I hate shopping for clothes, and because I find it hard to find suitable jeans. I also don’t like spending high price for a piece of cloth, not even if it has ARMANO or whatever brand on it.

    Send me to electronic, or worse computer store and I can spend the whole day there. Amazon is another on going cost ofcourse for DVD, Games and BOOKs. Books are the thing I have many unread, compared to unused clothes, however I do want to read most of them I just lack the time. I can’t resist buying some of them anyways. At least it’s there on my desk whenever I wanna go through them.

    Your point was mainly on clothes and fashion, you did not touch other areas (like Manga fans :P). I’m the kind of person who would look for smart buys that looks nice despite it’s low price. I always say this, I managed to get two books from Amazon reseller for 1 Cent each + small shipping cost :P. Company? I can’t try clothes with company. I have to be alone in a very bad mode my self.

  4. Shopping?? That is the strangest subject for men to talk about! Isn’t it? 🙂

    Well I don’t like shopping!! And I have to agree with every single point Musaaed mentioned! I thought you will forget the most important point which is the company!!!

    1. I am always special and different, I wear what I think is in fashion, not what every one is wearing! I’ll explain! I live in a society that every one wears what the neighbor has, every one gets the hair cut which their cousin got… Just like in KW! I have color sense! I mean my taste in colors change by every season, and I’ll wear or buy what I find nice! I mean really nice… I won’t buy something because others are wearing it!!! So I always have difficulties to find the stuff I want in shops to begin with!

    2. I have a Versace red t-shirt! It costs €130, but no way in hell I would buy a t-shirt that costs that much! My mum dose that kind of shopping and I don’t actually like it! I mean the t-shirt is nice, but well I don’t see which part of it was made of gold to pay that much for it! I wore it maybe 5 times in the last 4 years (since she got it for me)!!! So for me you can make yourself look good with spending a lot less! 😉

    3. I know all of my friends and even my husband is the kind who would go like buying this and that if it’s on sale!!! The only thing I would really go to buy in discount is cloths for my daughter! Here they do have really good stuff on sale not just the stuff they don’t sell as you said is there!

    4. I don’t agree with 20 mins in the fitting room! I take about 10 mins to strip off, put on, try, look, taking it off and dressing up again! So 10 mins in the fitting room is what I advice! Look at it as you said 20 sec, and move on!

    5. I always convert the currency to Cyprus pounds or Euros every time I’m shopping abroad! I would never buy something that I think I could get cheaper in Finland or Cyprus! And for most of the people to know, KW is cheaper than Finland and Cyprus! So always convert to be sure about the prize!

    6. Buying when excited is not something I do either! I am the one saving people from doing it most of the time! I would let you go out with maybe one cap, or something small, but not get over board with your excitement!

    7. I always go window shopping for 1 day, visit 10-20 shops and that’s always alone!!! Try cloths on and save them with the saleswoman or man to go next day. And the next day I’ll take my friend with me to see the 5 pieces I spent my 24 hours deciding on! Usually I would be taking the best 2 or 3 maximum!

    My husband tells me I’m not a normal woman, because I don’t let him go crazy buying for me! I just tell him I know I’m not normal, I’m special!!! 😉

    I also empty the closets of everything I haven’t and my husband hasn’t worn for the last 1 year! I give them away! So I do not have cloths that I don’t actually wear in my closet! 😀

    Ps; Pray for me to be able to get to Bahrain next year to see the F1!!! I really want to go! I feel so jealous of listening to Musaaed talking about it! But I’m glad he had fun there!!!

  5. Bedoor:
    Thanks for waiting patiently for our episode.
    every person has his/her ways when it comes to buying clothes … for example you don’t care much for trends which people in general do care about here in Kuwait. also the store which you always find what fits you also plays a role in your shopping decisions.
    Alo you are sooooo right about people wearing brand names here in Kuwait. … if you think about it you are paying money for a company to advertise for them!!! which is STUPID!!! usually it is the other way around

    thanks again for your comment and wish you all the best …

    Yeah .. i, ali, personally have to agree on the weight factor where i gained so much weight since i came back from Germany
    and big LOL at the “wishful thinking” pile
    and man you really have to tell us about the type of fashion suicides … may be we have to dedicate a whole episode for it
    and another big LOL at the “lost hopes pile hahahahaha …
    man i really wish my mom kept all the stuff i used to wear but may be coz we are 7 brothers … it would’ve been way too much to keep

    umm … yeah i heard some comments about the sound quality where people said the former was better … we have to check on that
    hahaha … we hear a typical man talking here hahaha
    same goes for me when it comes to jeans … i kept one wearing one jeans for almost 4 years and i refused on throughing it away till holes started appearing “everywhere” hehehe
    and since then i didn’t wear anything but shorts
    and dude it seems like we really can be best friends here … best buy … comp USA … i spent countless hours in these stores in the past .. and now virgin where you can browse and read everything all in one place
    and speaking of Manga … i believe you can make some good money if you open a Manga and anime store here in Kuwait … Bleach … death note … Naruto … chobits … and more and more … big fan

    thanks for the comment and welcome on board

    as you may noticed … we are open to any kind of subject possible …
    and WOW at not liking shopping .. a women with a big no on shopping .. i don’t think it happened before in the female shopping history … just make sure you get assassinated by the hidden women shopping lovers organization
    1- totally agree with you … you have to wear what YOU see fit and not what people think fits

    2- so buy Versace shirts … may be we have to be good friends to get some donations to Deera Chat hehehehe

    3- no one has good stuff on sale .. it is always the case … ask me about it … i fell into this traps zillions of times

    4- 10 minutes is not normal … i always had the idea that women spend 30 to 40 minutes trying on things …

    5- we don’t have taxes …

    6- and man i think we need you here to control Ali’s excitement about almost everything … he really gets off really easy on EVERYTHING … i think it has something to do with the coffee

    7- see i used to this online … check what is new and the prices and then go directly to the stores that i want to buy from directly …

    thanks for the comment …

  6. Talking about quality, the voice sounds as if its from the moon.

    Guys how about changing the introduction? il tajdeed mofeed 🙂

  7. Here in Cyprus, and even in Finland, the sales are on the same stuff that everyone has been buying through the season… So they are real good stuff! But no one gets that lucky and finds their size every time! Like I wear S – XS, so when I go looking I almost never find S!!! My friend who’s an M-L now she’s usually luckier than me! And again I do know that it’s really not that usual for a woman to not like shopping that much, but I always love to walk, so I don’t mind joining friends to help them with their choices! But I hate it when someone stays trying cloths for 20-30 mins and I’m waiting just to leave! I also almost never need over 30 mins to fix myself going out, and I mean going out dressed up, make up, high heels and hair fixed! I can’t stand my friends that need at least 1-2 hours to get ready!
    So yea I’m not normal as my husband says… I’m just special!! 😉

  8. Bedoor
    you gotta check the hotspots section again … you’d love it more

    i think when it comes to sale … you have to mention luck along with it … as a sales expert i think being early in the morning and waiting for the store to open up to buy the best of the sale can bring you lots and lots of luck in buying stuff heheheheeh
    and man it sounds like you really have a hard time finding stuff your size … best of luck from deera chat.
    and we love special people 😉

  9. hey there..
    well when it comes to shopping for me there are 3 type of people:
    1- people who want to look trendy and shop for the newest trend!!
    2- people who want to look classy and shop for the brand!!
    3- people who want to look decent without caring about the trend or the brand
    these three types of people are totally different when it comes to making a shopping decission..

  10. [and dude it seems like we really can be best friends here]
    Well, OK. I will pass by Starbucks mishref next thursday morning 6 AM. That’s a promise you can count on me to break it 😛

  11. This was a really fun episode. I love listening to you guys while I’m driving it really calmsme down so I don’t get frustrated by the traffic and road rage. But its a bit emberassing when I crack up laughing alone in the car 😛 I loved your advice, I will start using the 20 minutes in the changing. The thing with me and shopping is that I get sick of my clothes. Im tired of wearing the same things again and I get bored so I have to go and buy more clothes even when I don’t need them just because I’m tired of wearing my old wardrobe. Keep up the great work you guys. Lion king was the best musical ever I LOVED IT!

  12. Hello,

    Interesting topic 🙂 and It’s an important topic to talk about:) ,I think the best way to save your money while you go for shopping, is to use discount coupons or to shop during the sale! , and always ask your self (do i need this item?!).
    Now, the problem is solved!

    Thank you for sharing this topic 🙂

  13. Moodoo:
    totally true … like i am one of the people who care about how comfortable i am in what i wear … thats another type you can add to your list

    man starbucks doesn’t open til 6:30 and lets make it at 7:30 i was kinda exaggerating hehehehe

    thanks bro and make sure you follow ur studies

    thanks and you really made us happy when you said you listen to our show in the car where i thought most people listen to us in their pcs but glad you listen to it in your ipod
    and about the advices you have to thank musaed coz he did all the topic preparations and he usually do most of the shopping … i have not bought anything new for the past 6 months … may be hehehehe so i don’t know how things go in the fitting room heheheh
    thanks again for your fun comment and please come back 😉
    don’t forget to mention us to your friends

    Miss Sara
    hi there, welcome on board and about the topic yes i agree with you and thats why we talked about it hehehehe
    we all have these times where we waste without noticing
    coupons … do we have them here in Kuwait!!!

    thanks for the comment and please come back to us and let ur friends know about our show

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