4 Replies to “Should’nt Kuwait Global Forum be in KUWAIT??”

  1. i was involved in this forum. to answer your question, No it shouldn’t be in kuwait. We are reaching out to expand our relations with the world. so we will go around the world telling people how good our country is. not to mention that kuwait currently doesn’t have the facilities to host such events. inshala next year we are going to the states and the year after to china. Then by god will, we will bring the world trade talk to our beloved county. an event that would host thousands of people from around the world.

  2. Forzaq8:
    well yeah i guess thats one reason

    thanks for commenting and yes we all do agree that it is important for our country to outreach other countries in America, Europe, and Asia. but as you mentioned that we don’t have the facilities to host such events i am assuming you are talking about buildings, exhibition centers, etc. What we need here in Kuwait is to make our regulations effective and more adoptive to the new technology era we are going through one simple example is the post we had before this one is that Kuwait doesn’t have an official website which is at our time is needed. i am not talking about a flashy site that has tones of flash and un needed scripts to make it fancy, NO, i am talking about something usable. that was one simple example, another one would be about a consultant my company hired to offer some real estate advice which made him travel back and forth from Germany to Kuwait but every time he flies here, he has to wait for 2 – 4 hours at the airport to get his one entry visa issued, WHY!!! you know these are very minor examples which happens in our daily life, not to mention, was6a, bribes, not implemented rules and regulation, useless majlis oma, and etc. we are not trying to be pessimistic but we do love our country and by pointing these small things out, people will notice and work on. we do have alot of potential like sheik nasir il mohamed said in the forum but we have to work for it. carrying flags and saying we love Kuwait is not gonna cut it, we have to work real for our beloved country.

    the bottom line is, fixing our image from the outside has to be carried in parallel with fixing the real inside image.

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