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if you are a big fan of the web 2.0 applications and you have accounts in Digg, Upcoming, Facebook, Flickr, Myspace,, and more … you can simply access them all in one place where you get to post and read from your friends in the different sites. We found it interesting to use but because of the fact that we only have 1 friend from Kuwait, it didn’t turn out good. So we are trying to promote for it here and hope you guys will like it also.

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the site is

the site is brought to you by several web 2.0 developers such as Kevin Rose, the Digg founder.

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  1. I’ve been using pownce and twitter as well. Pownce does seem to have a lot more features, but I kinda enjoy the ease of just the simple life of twittering…

    You’re right, not many people use pownce, in our region, so thats not encouraging either.

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