Testing Before Marriage

This issue always comes up whenever you decide to propose or a family proposal comes to you. You either go test and see if your loved one’s genes matches yours or not, and then proceed to the next step, otherwise you’ll have to be lovers for the rest of your live or find yourself another love. so, are you pro testing before marriage or just leave it to God’s will and hope for the best! listen to us for this week and let us know what you think.

5 Replies to “Testing Before Marriage”

  1. walla e7na 3ndna b ksa the test is elzami before marriage!
    but me and my husband decided whatever was the result we will get married cuz we love each other and we dont care about any thing else!
    والاقدار بيد الله اولا واخيرا


  2. Testing isn’t a guarantee to have a healthy baby, but it is strongly recommended when marrying a relative or when marrying from a family which is known to have people affected by hereditary diseases. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and putting people unnecessarily under great pressure.

  3. One way or the other, the genetic checkup is important since it gives you vital information. Testing for health reasons always TRUMPS other vile reasons. In other words, people should try and test to allow them to decide whether they’ll have children or not. Since their genes may result in a disabled offspring. It also may check for AIDS.

  4. helloooooooooooooooooooo 😀
    walaah yah eb wakta hal topic :$
    … well i agree … but as for the honesty which is between the couples to be , he/she must say if there is a problem with them… i agree with almost of what you’ve said ..

    inshalaah kel shay eyee men alaah khair 7ag kel el nass …
    o honestly .. they must open up awal .. and for sure if there is a risk men awalha .. they acn solve it if they love each other ..

    madre .. inshalah kel shay feh khair .. o alah ewafeg el jamee3 :)))

    thanks alot ..

  5. I am with Safi on this one. Just as well prospective partners should get tested for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and B virus infections and keep their toes crossed that either is not in the window period of infection. Rh incompatibility testing is another which comes to mind but with Rh incompatibility you can still go right ahead and traipse down the aisle.

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