TGI Friday is IN

The big shots decided to move the weekend from Thursday and Friday to Friday and Saturday. So how will we feel as Friday and Saturday weekend people!! will we do more shopping?? will we do more family visiting?? how will it change our behaviors??

Listen to us this week and share your thoughts with us

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  1. Hellooo…
    i kindaaa had the feeling that you’re gona have this week episode about this issue ! 😀 hehe shdarani madre 😉

    walah i kinda like it .. specially it will improve the financial issues in kuwait and i guess its a change for good …
    till i try it maybe i’ll be having another point of view.. but i doubt it .. cuz after all its a change for good for Kuwait . lets think of kuwait and not be selfish and think of just weekends and shoppings and all ..
    the think that affected me that .. thursdays was the day i go out and banks and all .. banks mostly .. but now its gone .. not a big deal bank branches open in evening shifts so i can cope with that inshalah ..

    walah im positive about it .. cuz i think its gonna be good for kuwait finance … and finance is everything for a country ..
    we’ll get used to it enshalaah after one month inshalah ..

    thanks again for the nice episode ..
    have a nice weekend and take care always .. :))

    p.s : well Deera Family have another timing for the episodes ? starting from sept 1 st ?

  2. We had this shift last September and we still refer to Saturday as a workday sometimes!
    You know we were worried about it just like you guys are but it’s just a matter of getting used to it! Good Luck!

  3. i know that it’s better and everything.
    and you put up very good points. but…… it’s thursday!!! i like thursday!!! you can’t just ruin the system just because of the stock market or whatever reason! i only have 13 thursdays left! and yes i counted! i just like thursdays ;_;

  4. I was so happy to hear about the new weekend when I heard about it!

    I find that is so good, for the economy!!! And the weekend will be all the same and no half day work for some!!

    I think the most difficult point of the whole thing is people getting used to it! We in Europe we have to run to banks on the weekdays on our lunch breaks! So if we could do it I’m sure you guys will manage well!

    The only thing that is bothering me is people saying that you are following the Jews by having Saturday as weekend! I understand Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath!! But seriously! If 3id El-fi6ir comes on a Saturday, are they planning to postpone it for a day so they won’t celebrate on a Sabbath??

    All I think is you guys wait and see how it goes… You need to have the new weekend for a year before judging it!

    Well that is all what I’m thinking about this issue!

    I love you guys!! You just make your podcasts so nice that it’s so pleasant to listen to after a long day of headaches!!! 😀

    Ps; Ali; you can ask god for forgiveness in advance now before you do your crazy stuff on Saturday! 😉

  5. hey there..
    first, about getting used to the new weekend i think just like when we moved to the states it took me 2 weeks to get used to the new weekend.
    second, about the companies that work 6 days a week …they’re gonna have friday off anywayz nothing will change for them
    third, we’re used to listen to deera chat in the first day of the weekend ..are you gonna shift it to friday???

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