The Arabian Horse follow up: Bait Al Arab

Kuwait is really coming strong on horse breeding, work is will on its way to construct an amazing facility to house all what is needed to put Kuwait breeders on the map. this Amazing Facility will have a 7 star hotel, royal stables, desert sand paddock (for horses to roam free), library, museum, children riding school, and a show arena. it is a one of kind project and the first in the world. the web site itself shows you the potential for this project. we can’t wait.

bai al arab


1- The Arabian Horse Episode

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  1. woow.. mashalah walah 5oosh fekra! shakla ra7 ykoon mashroo3 naje7
    plus its nice to see people in kuwait having intrests and investingg their time into something useful.. we need more projects like that in kuwait.. o enshalah dayman to the best..

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