The Arabian Horse

Maxalt uk sales Statement of respect from the Arabian horse

I am your equal. I am a wild creature that can never be like you. I have heart, courage, and the game spirit that is my heritage, and I will be respected. I will be taught, and I will please, and maybe in time I will be your intimate. But I will never be your possession. Mine is a fierce love, which knows no mercy for failure, no sympathy for weakness. I have come from the desert with its closeness to the spirit of nature which you do not understand. I was born of the wind. Mine is a warrior spirit. I cannot be humiliated in punishment or defeated even in death. For my spirit lives on in my children’s children.


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    love the episoooode .. ‘7al msa3ad i can see you’re love of horses … mashalah walah its sooo nice ..
    i wish i can see the way horse reacts .. 7ada CUTE lama elef wayha za3lan ;* 3asal .

    i love it wayed wayed wayd wayed wayd …
    yeah i knew ena el horse wont be referd to him by (IT)

    i didnt know ena el faraas etqaaar …3asaaal ;*

    abeee aro7 ana el wafra b3aaad mu bas Ali !
    o abe aro7 ashof ele fe 9ab7aan !
    yalaa latro7oon n6rooni :/

    ‘7al msa3ad walah 7adick mashalah 3alaick el information wayed interesting o so nice ..

    ya36eekom el 3afyaa
    hug miraj 3anni and take lots of pics of him 😀 .. and u riding him laish la :PpP

    and .. thanks again ..
    GOOD JOB !

  2. yeaaah i’ve noticed 😀 … alaah y7af’6aa lik enshalah … ( if you’re Mesaed ) and thaaanks wayed .. bas ana 6am3a .. put a vedio clip or something about him … some tricks and stuff that he does .. bas latza3la .. walaw ena i kinda wana see how he reacts when he’s upset from u ! .. bas 7ram layez3al :PpP
    when u see him .. hug him 3anii .. tell him i like him .. and dont let Ali ride him … cuz he teased me up there ..

    and Mirage is a pretty name too 😉


  3. finally someone in the media paid attention to horses, try to cover horse sports like show jumping, we have brlliant young upcoming riders .

    good job

  4. Mosan:
    man we in Deera Chat cover lots of aspect that people in the “normal” media don’t, so just stay tuned to our channel and you’ll see more and more
    welcome on board and don’t forget to tell your friends 😉

    the arabian horse world is full of wonders, I have more stories to tell but I could not say them all on the show.

    looks like yout all set man, I wish I can visit your ranch sometimes 🙂

  5. mn kther ma ana wayed 7aba el episode madre cham mara i played it all over again .. and i can say it by heart now ..
    Mesaed tell us the other stories you have .. peeeeeezzzz :/

    thanks WAYED again

    wish i can see all of that …

  6. thanks , best of luck to you too 🙂 .. tstahlon kel khair anf the effort and time u put in this podcast .. means alot to me and i bit means alot to everyone visits this site weekly 🙂 ..

    thanks again

    flying kisses and hugs to all of you 🙂

  7. interesting episode

    lutta info. i’v never heard of 😀
    i lmao at ali’s reactions on some of the wierd information :p
    and musaad mn jd y36eek al3afyah 🙂

    a7s eni la5ba6t al2sma2 bs la teda8e8on :p

    thank you guyz .

  8. Samboosa:
    thank you so much, the world of horses is amazing, the history of the Arabian horse is even more amazing, its worth checking out.

    thank you we try to bring a good mix of topics

  9. Allllllah…’3aramii il 5ail!!

    Amoot wa7ya b3yooni il 5ail 3arabi il a9eel!

    Ana 3andii fa7al 3arabi a9eel min solalat “Ansata” jadah ykoon “Ansata Ibn Halima” il mashoor 7awalayn il 3alam…wa moot 3alaih..walla ilee ma gad ge3ad weya il 5ail il 3rabi ma shaf shay bil 7ayah!

    Mashkoor w ma 8a9art 3ala hal episode il fa’6eeeee3..!! =)

  10. Bent_il-Ree7:
    thats a very respected blood line, Ansata is one of the best breeders in the world, My horse Mirage is the grandson of Ansata Nail Pasha, and it is related to ibn Halima, so our horses are distant relatives 🙂
    there is a good book called “alaseel” its really good, you should check it out if you can find it.

    Ansata Nile Pasha

    Ansata ibn Halima

  11. Musaed; See?? this is what I meant when I said that more details needed for your episodes.. when it’s more facts and numbers it becomes more informative and interesting.. although I have heard these facts before, but with all the comments I read, now I want to visit Mirage.. I respect horses alot and I always wanted to befriend one of the Asayel, but el3en baseera … 🙁
    Any way, good job.

  12. MAK …
    I, Ali, thought you already went to see Mirage few weeks back !!!
    and about the numbers and information … we try to make different recipes every week where you listen to lots of facts in one week and you listen to lots of light topics the other … we got all in Deera Chat

    MAK: Musaed here, we try to mention as much as possible but there is so much to say, but i am saving it for future Episode 🙂

  13. hahaha…at Ali…la inshalla you’ll get it soon. =P

    Mosa3id..mashallah the Ansata bloodline is amazing..w Ansata Nail Pasha its very beautiful akeed your horse nasfa…ilee e’6a7ik bil maw’6oo3 ina on the link Ansata ibn Halima i noticed that the stud fee was $500…!! Al7eeeen the prices are like 86218328times more!

    About the book “alaseel” ib 9ara7a i never read it, inshalla i’ll check it out…bas the Arabian Stud Register ilee ib markaz il jawad il 3arabi 3andhom some really interesting and really really old bloodline books.

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  15. arabian horses ma3roofeen inhom shya6een, thats one of charms…they have style, attitude, and looks, what more do you want! 😛

    Mashalla he look gorgeous…he’s Mirage??

  16. My 13 years old sister rides horses, and when I spoke to her once about the Arabian horses she started talking about them for about 1 hour and she is totally Finnish. No Arabic blood at all! But she surprised me by knowing about the Arabian horses more than I did!

    I loved the Podcast with all the details!! Good work guys! Really good work!

  17. Bent_il_Ree7:
    we would love to hear from you about your horse, maybe share a picture if possible.

    I hope the information we gave you helped you out when you were talking to her 🙂

  18. It came a bit too late! I had the talk with her like 6 months ago! I just found you guys 1 month ago!

    I’m ready for her next time! 😉

  19. She’s full Finn so she won’t understand a word you’re saying!! 😉

    Better for me, I translate to her what I think is nice and cool, and leave the rest from the black books for me! 🙂

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