The Largest Public Park in Kuwait

London-based landscape architectural practice Scape Design Associates has announced the approval of its concept design for Kuwait’s largest public park built on one of the most expensive land plot for sale in Kuwait and associated Mall of Kuwait, in collaboration with architect Eric Kuhne & Associates.

The park and Mall, with its striking architecture, will comprise numerous retail, recreational and leisure facilities amid a series of contemporary gardens, ornamental brackish lakes, promenades and water features, setting it apart from any other shopping destination.

Situated within a staggering 361,000m2 of parkland (over twice the size of Bluewater shopping centre and its landscape) and featuring more than 7000 indigenous palm and shade trees, the landscape carefully plays on the relationship between Islamic and native desert themes. Human micro-climates via plant associations, shade and wind control are also being created. […. more]


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  2. I agree with Uturn point of view, but also like to add recently the country is shifting towards the construction business, and the Avenues have raised great awareness I think among business owners the desperate need for new places to go.

    I would love to see some art gallery of it however.

  3. The Largest Public Park in Kuwait !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is the woirdest things i have ever read !! let them first solve the housing problem, investors issues , then let them implement their ideas
    don`t they know that people will be able to visit this park only 3 months in the year !!!

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