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  1. Hi guyz soory I couldnt to listen kill eli geltooh .. but w9alat 3ala 3li jna7 altabreezi Oo ga3at a’67ak .. every time I remamber almasre7yah I can not stop .. amooot min e’67ek
    wee ayam almsr7eyat wal 3goob seef al3rab mako shai sana3
    I wil try to listen lama o9al hotel ..
    the funny is sha’3altah wellah kil elli ehni fi internet room ga3den yesm3oonah

    I have to waite!!!!

  2. Hiiiiiiiii there Musaed & Fahad here are my comments on the two podcasts 😀

    1- the Rockey Baloba: ok am with you on the idea of some one who is a nobody braking through & being a hero “the under dog idea” btw thx for explaining it i didn’t know what it meant :D,, back to what you said about the movie the only flick that i find in Rockey is the over exaggeration that went on it the next parts of it where it shifted from being a personal struggle movie to a national cold war weapon! where if you notice the parts that came after had straight messages to the Soviet union “at the time” Russia now! I hate it when politics get in the middle & use cinema as a median to sent messages to the other part

    الفلم ينتقل من كون يحمل رساله و يوصلها لك الى انه يصير مطراش ويشيل رسالة غيره! خروج عن المغزى الاساسي لوجود فلم بالاساس

    As for the movie recommendations am with you guys 😀 good choices! but what i fear is that you will neglect the romantic & romantic commedies in ur movie recommendations ;p please dont 😀 I dont know if you guys see this type of movies but if not I can help out with that 😀

    2-The Oscar’s episode: Again the intro has Rockey theme song! why 🙁 I mostly agreed with Musaed true, the Oscar was a big WOW to me & still is “event wise” but as for being un-fair I think its true, its not that fair to me or maybe my view is not valid artistically! i don’t know but this is how i think of it 😀

    مساعد شنو قصتك مع البدليات! مو بس بالموفي بودكاست همن بالديرا بودكاست
    note (Movie Chat: The Oscar episode minute 10:27 BeKt actress! and Penelope Cruz became Penabolie LOL!!) (Deera Chat: minute 2:47 MODREN or is it modern? lol also 4:04 symphony KuwaitiNya lol not Kuwaitiya :D) مادري ليش هابه باني اتصيد بدليات خلق الله و المشكلة اني انا اكثر وحده تقط بدلياااااااااااااات

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