Tumbleweed’s Burritos

Ali is loving burritos!!! big big time… I feel like i am walking burrito day and night … i had burritos 3 times in one week only!!!
here is the story,
Musaed took me to Tumbleweed, Texan resutrant located in il bidi3. we ordered the Beef Burrito with sour cream and rice. Man that was the BEST burritos i tried since i came back from the States. It was juicy, fat, and tasty.
The service was nice and the place was quite. Actually we had fun … so you should go and try the BEEF BURRITO and let us know what you think!
burrito tumbleweed

17 Replies to “Tumbleweed’s Burritos”

  1. well … let’s hope you guys have it there!!
    if you not you are more than welcome to fly over here, try the food, and record an episode with us and then go back home 😉

    thanks for having our podcast logo in your website … GO GO PODCASTING

  2. hehehe ..

    Ali u care too much about food ;D mashallah ..

    and i really think u guys MUST take commisions for the ADver. ur doin … wallah .. ‘n give me 50% of it cuz i suggested that ;P

  3. *LOL* Et9adgoon enny 7ajazt tathkara to go to Kuwait and try Tumbleweed. Haha! ;P Bs 3ad etha 6ala3 mo 7lo, you guys are paying for the price of the tickets, deal? ;P

  4. Eheheh, 3ad you need that FAT? I don’t think that I’ll try it because I don’t like to risk in food ;p
    I tried to risk once when I tasted “Paella” a traditional Spanish dish (rice with vegetables o ARANIB), and thank God kan 7a’6y mowafaq ;p it was very tasty.
    Now I feel its taste in my month, I WANT PAELLA NOW.

  5. – Solo: 7ada

    – Laialy -q8: hahahaha … our burritos are wrapped with philliphino love


    – Dawn Fairy: we then should invite you to tumbleweed!
    what do you think … ?!?!?!
    on Deera Chat … exclusive … Ali & Musaed would love to take Dawn Fairy to Tumbleweed because s/he never had burritos before and we forgot to thank her.
    sorry for the mistake

    – Lulu: lol … wherever you are there must be some Mexican place selling burritos … i guess that would be cheaper than flying over here for burritos

  6. hahahaha ya7lailkom, 9ij guys loving their food!! 3alikom bil 3afya 😀 i tried it along time ago when I visited the states too and it was yummmmy, but I never tried it locally.But hal marra ana 3azmatkom there when I visit kuwait 😛

    p.s. 3ijabny the lemon juice on the side 🙂

  7. – G: hahahaha of course, sleep, food, work is a typical guy’s life cycle so we won’t be able to life without it 😉

    – DawnFairy: 7abiba 😉 and the invitation is still valid but this time it will be on you hehehehe

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