4 Replies to “TV shows … Download NOW!!!”

  1. I understand downloading in Kuwait. I don’t do that, because I get them on TV and the DVD rentals and shops!

    I don’t need to be home to watch it at home on TV, I just rent it, 1 month or even earlier after it’s been shown in the US! We have Tivo kind of systems in Finland, but they don’t have them all around Europe yet. But I paid about 12 Euros for full season 1 of Person break for a rent for 14 days! I think that’s better than going and downloading, which I don’t agree with. It is illegal after all!

    I’ll be renting Heroes next week for about the same prize! We just finished from Desperate house wives season 2 ( and my husband watches it too with me!!).

  2. why pay while you can get them for free??? (illegally!!) hehehe
    man 12 euros is very cheap considering you only watch a tv show once!!!
    you husband watches desperate house wives???
    i gotta say it, you r lucky 😉

  3. Oh yes I am!!! He’s a chef, cooks for me almost everyday, helps with house work, baby-sits when I go clubbing with my friends (I don’t go out often), watched with me Sex And The City (and now Desperate House Wives) and he spoils me so much!! And he’s 1 year younger than me!! What more can I ask for?? I hope I don’t give myself the evil eye!! 🙂

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