Wedding vs. a Piece of Mindً

Wedding Dress : ~5,000 K.D.
Dinner : ~5,000 K.D.
Invitations: ~1000 K.D.
Kosha: there is no limit
we only mentioned three small parts of the wedding preparation process. People spend a lot of time, money, and effort in making this event happening to the “people’s” expectations. why we didn’t think of spending the same money or effort on making something the couples would benefit from in the long run? we in this week’s episode discuss the alternatives for this event, so enjoy and have fun and let us know what you think.

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  1. klololololololololololsh .. embarekain 3ersa lathnaaain .. lool
    sooo weddings ha ..
    i like weddings specially weddings of friends and like close relatives .. its nice to share the happenings and all .
    in kuwait methel maygolon .. العرس لاثنين و الميانين الفين
    so kel el preparations et9er for the ppl and not the coupls ..kela ma’6aher and i so hate it .
    the distiguished desiginer internationally .. designed the dress .. and its not even so nice or like Worth it . and ofcourse whenever its expensive then its nice .. so that they can brag about it ..
    “god typical kuwaiti” ..
    el cards are must .. its a card for god sake .. make it simple and nice .. not out of gold and crystals :S as if the ppl gona wear the cards to the weddings ! ..
    kids is another story .. its a baby its better to make him/her relax and watch barnney or tv at home rather than bringing him/her to the wedding where noises and like scary makeups there and they he’ll nagg of sleeping..

    what i hate is the mobile camera thing .. cuz nowadays everyone has a camera phone .. maybe only grandmothers dont .. although not all of them .. so the day of the wedding i must like keep my cellphone at home or take it and have the risk of keeping it there with the lady of the phones *yeah there is a lady sits near the door with all the phones that has a camera .. common 2007 ! * i wont take pics of anyone .. but i like my phone to be with me .

    i loved the way you said shahar 3asal men el a7lam … walah you’re right .. and its really a nice thing … and its all worth i know i want a wedding .. but if the time that im getting married and i have maybe issues .. i have a big mind and i think of it for US me and my husband to be .. but for sure i will not do anything and force my self to just make the ppl happy and i go all day the wedding day i mean having like pains from the preparations ..

    the aim is to be happy .. wish the couples a happy life .. and all not the money or the kosha and all ..

    a sad story .. i know someone her wedding dress is about 8000 kd designed by a freek in lebanon .., el shabka 14000 kd .. the wedding kela minumum kalaf 10000 kd .. the dinner was according to the french protocol .. WHO CARES .. a single sang a song for her and her love .. all this ok ? 3laihom eb alf 3afya yaarab .. but 4 months later they got divorced .

    alah e3awe’6hom khair .. but the point is .. the life and love after the wedding and not the wedding itself +show off to ppl wont add any value as i see it ..

    alah enshalaah ya36ekom banat el 7alal ele yqadroonkom , o yer’6on fe what they got o ele shayfen khair men bait ahalhom o mo mshafe7 3ala el rayal el masken masewat 3alaih gal batzawag .. which is one of his rights to say .

    Allaaah ewafegkom ..
    the episode is soo nice .. and Measaed bel 3aks mo 7aqda 3alaik bel 3ks i think the same way always and i feel just sad for the ppl who like to show off everywhere ..

    have a niiiice and a happy weekend
    always take caree 😉

  2. Bedoor:
    totally agree on the higher the price is the nicer it looks theory … which not always right … well it is 90% of times wrong hehehe
    and LOL at the phone thing … man we never thought about it and to be honest it is somehow understandable … to prevent any wrong doings
    and 8000 kd for a wedding dress … COMEON what the hell was this lady thinking … u can buy a car with that money but hey lets think about this way … it all come back to the person’s income … the higher the income is, the more s/he spend on the their weddings which is understandable … so mid ryooolik 3ala qad il7afik and think before you spend your money and regret it afterwards
    thanks for the nice comment

  3. well she was from a normal family .. has money but not all of that .. el mahar kan10000 kd .. and she added more to have this ugly dress that was mainly shinning when she entered the ball room .. i wish her best in life..but common .. she was married to someone who was still studying outside kuwait .. studying Medicen .. so its a big big thing of her to just think of him and not the wedding all .. i mean .. if there is love in the air i mean ..

    Madre .. i just felt sorry dont know why .. not for the money but for the effort and all to make other ppl happy .. and not her self and her husband …

    anyways .. walah nice episode
    Alah layablena eb nass mshafe7 sawa2 men or women .. wives or husbands cuz i just cant stand ppl showing off .. it makes me sick .

  4. Salaam,
    I agree with you guys, it has become a sort of show off thing. This also applies to other stuff, including other related events such as parties, eid, even having babies has become a sort of show off! (Ok maybe not exactly but you know.. :p). I noticed that most of what you mentioned was negative stuff, and yes you did say that there are exceptions of course.. 😀 I am going through that whole process myself!

    I agree that there should not be any excess spending, but how much is too much you know.. My wife with her and our family agree to a simple wedding, not something super fancy but enshalla something to remember.

    Also, A wedding is every woman’s fantasy, it is her chance to be a queen so I think it is her right to do with it as she pleases. (Also note that the Women’s wedding party is handled by the family of the bride and the family of the groom handle the men’s dinner party).

    So… as much of a hassle as it is, enshalla it turns out for the best since it is a special time for both groom and bride. Also for the families as well, they want the best for their children. Even though there is a little touch of, “I want my kid’s wedding to be the best and because of that i will spend a lot of money..” They are our parents, and if it makes them happy to do so.. then so be it 🙂 O Allah ehaney el jamee3 enshalla!

  5. will, first of all, congratulations man, good luck and we wish you all the best from the Chat Family.

    organizing a wedding never has rules, it basically who pays get control, the groom wants to please his family and in laws and so does the bride, the problem is both sides refuse to compromise, and they keep pressuring the ambassadors (bride and groom) to get what they want. and that how the tension start to build. you will make them happy but at your and her expense, this suppose to be your day not any one else.

    expenses are going off the roof, if it is a simple wedding then its ok, but these days, its never simple.

    now think of the alternative and the fun you and your wife to be can have if you keep this money and travel with it, now thats good memories. Ill let you fly with your imaginations 🙂

    oh one more thing, sorry but whenever a friend get married, I have to say “another one bite the dust” congrats again 🙂

  6. مساعد كم عمرك الى ملحق على العروووس والقلوبات المعلقة ع الباب;p

  7. Loved the episode!, yeah about the invetation cards, One of my dear friends asked the bride’s family to re-print the cards cause el mafrooth el groom family first which is common and known 😛 soo the main focus are the two family methel ma gelt not the new weds. although now its complicated to get married. I think you should make an episode why do guys not willing to get married ? really..

    keep up the good work musaed and ali ! 😀

  8. I agree with Bedoor quote, 3ers is for visitors… and wife! Most men hate it, I’m a leader in this hate. I’m against it for several reasons:

    1- Unjustified cost for 1 night
    2- headache of arrangements
    3- All the dance and stuff, I’m against it.
    4- No matter how wide you expand, how much you spend, people who are just outside the border of invitation list will complain, people who attend will start detailed analysis next morning and for the next week to come. It’s never perfect and it’s always trouble at the end
    5- I hate and feel sorry for man when he enters hall full of women just staring at him… It doesn’t feel right to me at all.
    6- As was said, many weddings have resulted in divorce or fight for years to come.

    I prefer simple ceremony, save your money, always have a honey moon. Don’t over spend of all your money, but reasonable budget with the best time of your wedding life. After that responsibilities start to come.

    مساعد كم عمرك الى ملحق على العروووس والقلوبات المعلقة ع الباب;p]

    LOL. I love questions in hot areas 😛
    How much are you welling to pay for such information? I may have information of interest to you 😉

  9. Bashar :
    i personally get scared of entering a room full of women myself .. fa mabalick el me3res .. and in the wedding its like @@ .. @@ .. @@
    all over him … ( @@ = means eyes wide open .. or in kuwaiti .. خز)

  10. Bashar :
    i can see how thats gonna be scary .. i prefer the small cermoney where my family and close friends sharing my happeniess 🙂 ..
    inshalah when i get married 😛 …
    anyways thanks Bashar .. :))

  11. Hello ..

    Congrats for reaching your 22nd subject. I would like to add a small comment on this topic.
    For me, I don’t see the the wedding party is not necessary at all, because simply it wont bring happiness!. I rather save the money for me and for my future husband and use it in a better way. such as, *a first payment for buying our future house*. It’s silly to spend $$$ for only one night!. (7aram)
    For those people. Please think use your brain and etaqow (Allah).


  12. Lady bee
    thanks for your first comment, yes and no … you see the wedding party as irrelevant and as a man i totally agree but trust me there are soooooooooo many girls in this world and in Kuwait specially who would disagree and see it as ritual for the unique night to be fully completed

  13. hey there…
    the way i see it, the problem is more than just a wedding party, the real problem is that some ppl r trying to live over their limit..
    lemme put it this way,,,if you have 10 billion KD’s in your account it won’t hurt to spend 1 million in a dream wedding party …
    but i noticed that you guyz were targeting the middel class ppl, so in that case your points are totally valid for them..
    and as i always say “if you wanna do something do it right” so if you can afford a dream wedding GO FOR IT …if you can’t SAVE UR MONEY and don’t try to be someone that you r not
    again the concept of a wedding party is to celebrate not to break every bone in your body 😛

  14. Moodo
    YOU GOT IT … LIVING OVER THE LIMIT .. we have this problem here in kuwait and it is not only the weddings … it applies for everything like cars, houses, and even clothing … by the way how a wedding would break every bone in your body?

  15. I never had the pink dream you talk about!! 🙂 I have another dream, traveling Europe on bike! 😀

    Here it’s different; your wedding gift is money! We don’t have Al-Mahar! Then we have to invite like 2 villages at least, we had over 1000 people in our wedding, and it was considered as half a wedding because I’m a foreigner!

    I loved our wedding, we did have good time!!! And after everything we made more than 5000 CYP = 3,362.33 KWD which we didn’t have before the wedding!! And that even was after we spent more than 2000 CYP = 1,344.93 in Thailand on honey moon!

    I did tell my husband I didn’t want the wedding, and let’s just have a really small party, but he is the one who said we can’t not have a wedding!

    Even as a woman, I agree with you on saving the money and not having a wedding… But again I’m not 100% Kuwaiti, nor really like normal girls!

    I don’t think this podcast will affect many, but the ones that actually listen to it and really think about it at least!

    I loved your 22nd episode! 😉

    Ps; I love the new look!!! 😀

  16. Very interesting podcast, I just had to go through it all recently planning my wedding. I didn’t even want a wedding to start with, just a nice quiet dinner with family and friends. It was not an acceptable option by both families concerned. At the end we managed to keep it down we held a very simple dinner because el Waleema is sunna. Almost no entertainment was present, just light music. We circulated all of the tables, were photographed with all of our guests and talked and laughed with everyone. My inlaws at first thought that this was very unconventional for an Egyptian (typically noisy, loud, show-off …) kind of wedding. Looking back I am glad that I stood my ground and kept the wedding low key and everyone enjoyed their time, no stress was involved, the food was great (we splurged on the food *grins*) and I got to know my husbands friends and family who I hadn’t met before and he met the rest of my extended family. All in all a very pleasant and sweet experience.

  17. Bedoor:
    thanks … as usual we try our best to come up with the best for our listeners

    i LOVE BIKING … used to bike 24/7 but these days are now over here in Kuwait !!!
    glad you had fun in you wedding and your honey moon … thanks for you comment Nora …

    thanks for commenting and welcome on board
    glad you liked your wedding and didn’t regret keeping it reasonable coz lots of people usually do
    thanks again for your comment and make sure you tell your friends

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