What makes a gift??

buy neurontin overnight delivery how do you define a gift? and when do you give a gift out? and are the types of gifts?? there are so many questions you ask yourself when it comes to gift الخال مساعد this week takes the gifts concept and analzye it for us in a very easy way … so listen to us and let us know what you think

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8 Replies to “What makes a gift??”

  1. 9abaa7 el khaair .. 😀
    hehehe Mesaed right after Ali said “Hala bel 6ayeb el qali” i was like .. ewwww cheasy ! .. and you go out and say the same loool .. cheasy in a good way Ali latez3al lol ;P

    for me , i personally take good care in getting the gift and rapping and all must be perfect and nice . it doesnt mean the more money i pay the more its gona nice . NO . i just put the feelings of care and all in it and its sounds relaxing for both me and them.

    so i pay attention for the person if he/she says he likes this thing or that .. and yeah i give gift for ppl who are so close to me .. since i dont know what ur fav color is then i dont know nothing about you and im not that close … but if im forced to get a gift .. like im going to a bday party or so .. i get something according to the age … something is good enought for me to actually wear it or have it in public .. مرات اتيني هدايا ما ادري شنو استخدامها !
    for that reason i make sure to get a gift that is easy and nice .. something that i’ll say eww cute ! before buying ;pPp ( yeah that’s me )

    and yeah i agree on the cash part . we do it at home . brothers and sister only . they give cash cuz of the fact they dont want to go and find a cool gift :/ so yeah we get cash from each other or some rare times we get each other devices or we ask each other at home its ok . but i rarely ask ppl/friends what do they want .

    now if im the one going to get gifts , i know i might you’ll say no way and all that jazz .. but the more u put ur feelings in it the more i like it ! .. my 18th bday i got lots of gifts .. but i liked the gift of 1 of my friends it was going out for dinner at Nino and just have dinner like any other day ! .. then she surprised me with the staff bring up a cake to our table and singing bday song and all ppl were clapping for me and singing . it was nice and new and i will never forget it .
    so yeah sometimes gifts with big amounts of money is not always nice nor cool . its the feelings and the effort you did in this gift that counts for me .

    and one more thing .. if you got something from a shop you can ask them if its ok to change it or have a nother color . and when the person thanks you for the gift you can say : also you are free to change the colors if you want . this way its nice to give them options .

    i wont stop anyone from giving me gifts 😛 why would i do a mean thing 😛 hehehehe .. but at the same time i wont rise my gift according to their affordable money . aagain its not the money its the effort you put in this gift .

    so yeah that’s it i guess ..
    i know its a looong comment ..

    have a nice weekend and take care always 😀
    *waves goodbye*

  2. The look in their eyes when i open the gift,
    The uniqueness of the gift,
    The meaning of it,
    The way it is presented and given.

    To actually be happy and surprised to hug and love the giver…

    To make me smile every time i touch, or use the gift.

    This is what a gift means.
    It can be a normal black hair pin, or a Bic pen but can mean the world, bring happiness every time i use it, makes me laugh and resembles the person who gave it to me.

  3. nice episode..
    well some ppl have a price limit to their gifts and won’t accept any gift over the price they said…(that might work)

  4. We have money as a gift and is a better gift in Europe… You might want something and that person doesn’t know what!!!

    The registration you said about we have it in Finland too!! I don’t like it really! Because I do not like buying stuff that asked to buy! I would do something else; here another good gift is the gift card! There are in every shop almost you give the amount of money and they write you a card with it! So you give that card to person and the person could again buy by her/himself what they want!!

    Oh Ali!!! You reminded me now with my high school days!! 😀 I got few mixed tapes and I did love them!! 🙂

    In Finland you are allowed for some weeks to change many gifts if you didn’t like them. E.g. my best friend got gold earnings from her boyfriend for Christmas, she doesn’t like yellow gold and he didn’t know that! So she went to the shop he ought it from and changed it with white gold earrings, and because they were cheaper, she got 2 different pairs instead of 1!! She was happy, he was happy!!!

    I love getting gifts! I never stress about it! But I know many people stress!! I don’t get a gift to every one! When I don’t have money then I don’t!! The friends I know and my husband know that about me!! I don’t care what you have got me; I always see it as a gift! I never check what you got for my other friend either! I’m always happy for my friends if they always get the gifts they really love or wanted!

    My best answer to the whole gift situation is the gift card!!! And you never get in trouble anymore!!!!

    Nice episode! 😀

  5. these guyz gave me a headache. if there is such a gift that you can never go wrong with its “cash”. more becomes bigger, meaning the more cash you give the bigger you will seem to the other.
    P.S. if it doesn’t work, then just throw in more cash. if your in the early stages of a relationship. you got it give cash;)

  6. hi all i know this is a very late comment but i wrote a comment like 2 days back and some for some reason it didn’t show up … i know now how it feels when your comments dont show

    well we here at deera chat know how much effort bedoor puts when she presents something as a gift and to show u how careful she is please check our logo … which we really are proud of and we love it ….

    Judy Abbot
    welcome to the commenting world … well we at deera chat come to u with a weekly gift which is an episode and we really take our time and put our efforts into making something good … so yeah you should have your eyes poping out everysingle weekend 😉

    thanks man, appreciate it 😉

    i would totally go for the gift card thing … man it is moreee7 in all ways … and by the way may be you have to lend me some your friends to get some gold gifts … heheheheh

    hey man … welcome board … and LOOL …. it might work some times and may not … specially if you have a girl who is really needy … you have to show that at least put some effort into making her gift … doesn’t matter if cost much or not

  7. Hi there:)
    I know this post is waay overdue; i just got caught up in jam3a stuff the past few weeks
    First of all, i would like to thank you guys for mentioning F2o Designs in this podcast, and yes, it was very appropriate. One of my customers ordered a personalised F2o training suit for a friend, and asked for it to be delivered to their doorstep anonymously. I thought that was soo sweet! I think gifts need to be as personal as possible; you just need to show the person you’re giving it to that you have put lots of thought into it.
    Again, thanks for the announcement, and I don’t know whether it was Ali or Msa3ad who asked for the tshirts, email me and you’ll see what surprize i have in store for the Deera-chat family 🙂

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