What phone to buy after the e61i?

my Nokia e61i is great but it is aging, it started to forget and man it is getting slower by the minute . so there are few options i am considering;

1- Nokia e71i

the new version is rumored to be out soon but the question is how different it is going to be? i want more features and i want more SPEED i had this problem before where it is wasn’t functioning well with speed.

and one stupid thing i faced was when i had like 1500 sms messages on the phone, it really used to take 30 to 40 seconds to go from one function to the other!! i guess such a high end phone aint supposed to be slow when clicking on the contacts button!!!


well, i worked on the Ericsson before and it was different. i think i just have to try to think differently when it comes to using the device. people say it is more stable and easier to use. the problem is a Sony can’t talk properly with a Nokia. for example, when you send a businesscard from Sony, Nokia can not read it and vise versa which is annoying. these small things add up and here in the gulf you are one among 100 who uses a Sony.

3- Palm Centro

the only thing i know about this phone is it is popular for its simplicity and i heard good reviews on Buzz Out Loud.

4- iPhone 3G

well i am waiting like crazy for this one and it finally out, well not really, i have to wait till July 11th. MS Exchange is one great feature that was missing and many other are there now. Price also has dropped down at least in the states now, will see how much the iCity will sell it for. i believe for such devices you have to wait and see the public reaction and review for it before blowing your savings. one big drawback in the old one was not being able to sync wirelessly to update the iTunes playlist along with the Podcast list. i am not sure if this feature is not available on the new iPhone or not.

with the iPhone i don’t have to curry two devices no more and thats just GREAT.

5- HTC diamond

one crazy thing i know about this one is that it scans business cards and that is amazing; being in meetings all day long and exchanging business cards 5 times a day; i think this feature is nuts. other than that; i know this phone runs on windows mobile and i hated it when i had the O2. the software is just clunky and very hard to use and i know many people would disagree with me on this. But for a person who does a phone call in two steps, it is hard to do the same in 6 steps!!!

anyway i will read the reviews and will see.

http://akinabridalcouture.com.au/real-bride-katies-vintage-rustic-barn-wedding/ the bottom line is: I WILL WAIT TILL ALL OF THEM ARE OUT AND READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE CHARGING MY CREDIT CARD

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  1. I have the HTC Tytn II. Not bad at all for use, calendar, browsing. The keyboard however is unusable, and another problem is using the touch phone on the go is troublesome.

    iPhone is amazing, but it’s a hack, lacks some basic features, and I know people who after a while said, Communicator is best for business.

    Hope that’s useful

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