what’s up with wearing shades indoors!

http://www.socialmedias.space/75881-roghan-badam-shirin-price.html prepare it is common here in Kuwait that people wear shades indoors and also during time as well!! Why, Deera Chat guys asked …. and answered in the show … keeping our post light for the lighter yet cool topic this week

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3 Replies to “what’s up with wearing shades indoors!”

  1. abilify cost interview Hellooooo =D
    its a light topic indeed 😀

    about wearing shades indoors .. i personally dont wear it indoors .. but sometimes like in a mall .. in the day time .. and specially if its crowded .. (i hate crowds).. i dont change the glasses .. i just get whatever i need from the shop and go back out side to my car while wearing my shades ..

    about the makeup… no not my thing .. i cant see me wearing shades for not wearing eye makeup and like wana hide my eyes .. nah .. klish la ;/ ..

    at the morning for work .. i do agree with you Meased 😛 .. i do wear my shades .. and take it off when i reach my office .. i think this is normal ;D

    showing off ? .. yeah maybe some ppl do that .. specially if its expensive or has a very known trademark .. blah blah blah ..
    يعني انا الكشخة اللي نظارتي بالسعر لفلاني ..:P

    bas 7adha tafaha hal salfa .. if ppl judge how good you are bcuz of your shades or whatever you wear .. its just so lame ! and so silly ..

    but fashion wise… maybe ppl just look nicer with their eyes covered ..

    and my additional reason .. is .. maybe the person have some issues in his/her eyes .. like .. maybe scary evil eyes .. or maybe one eye ? .. or maybe their eyes are inffected from the weather .. so yeah .. could be other reasons ..
    ( remember when you have Niiya 9afya =P ) …

    and yeah ..thats it i guess ..

    thanks again .. for you’re light topic for a boring day =/ ..
    the weather is just boring .. and im sick .. with no voice … =”””(

    wish me nice things next time .. i want a shout out too =/ ..

  2. Bedoor
    well thanks for the quick comment … well there is a reason behind everything we do … and as u mentioned people like to show off and it justified to them … but having an eye contact when u talk to someone is important and lots of people consider it rude if u take to them wearing shades … by the way i dont u as u … i am talking general here … and yeah i am sick too thats why i am reply to comment ores hehehehe …. by the way i have been watching ugly betty since the morning … highly recommended

  3. ohhhh salamaaaaaaaat….
    matshof shar enshalaah …
    i forgot my eye glasses at work .. cuz i went out of work late yesterday and i forgot it there cuz i was tiered and sick as well .. when watching tv or dvd .. my eyes hurts and tears comes out .. ;/ maskena ana ;/ …

    im bored ..
    anything fun to do ?

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