Why Smoking is GOOD for you!

We always hear and read, smoking kills and its bad for you, yet people still smoke. so we decided to talk about why smoking good for you! NOW before you get all upset, check out the show and you will know

2nd hand smoke

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  1. أيواااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا علي
    يا بو سكسنة أنت
    صج السيجارة سكسية
    U cracked me up!!!!!
    Even when u said its SEXYYYYY!!!! I laughed hard at both of u imagining how excited u were and how Musaed was just looking at and stunned by ur reaction and laughed at what Musaed said…

    Even be4 i heard the episide i was like:”smoking is sexy thats why…”
    anyone who knows me knows that this is my opinion for sure!!!

    I always always say that smoking is sexy, and i looooooooooooooooove the combination a good cologne, perfume or aftershave!!! OUCH!!! And coffee….all together…
    Man i have good taste LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    I love the smell of my father, he has this natural smell (habeeby walla) or from his shower gels, after shaves, and smokes while drinking his coffee…
    And even my brothers…..same thing….

    But if u dont brush ur teeth it gets bad, and when its only the smoke on ur clothes it stinks….so yani…

    I love watching men smoke….it turns me on
    Last years ramadan episode of Nizar Gabani, the actor Teem Hassan blew my mind when he smoked and extends his head back and blows the smoke out, AAAAAAAHHHHH he blew my mind, he did it well…
    I love that move from men, or when they put it on the side of their lips to read or type on a computer or whatever…OUCH!

    Ok ok ok basna sex-anah!!!

    And all the other things u mentioned, yeah ok, i agree….

    تحس مو هامني كثر موضوع السكسنة لووووووووووووووووووووول

  2. LOOL
    well we are glad that you enjoyed this week’s episode
    and yeah one reason for guys to smoke is that they think that girls would like it and you proved me right … and man what a combination … aftershave, coffee, and cologne …. it sounds like an AD!!
    speaking of ADs make sure you don’t miss the AD eaters from the 2nd till the 3rd of April
    and no comments on the turn on thing eheheheh … will see if other girls agree or not …
    any how thanks for your comment and wish you all the best

  3. helloo …
    good job .. i loved the new options we have here in the blog .. y36ekom el 3afya .. bs eshlon you can post the Audio comment in the episode itself ? cuz its already posted .. o.O ?

    i was shocked at the points awal shay about smoking .. ashwa you think the opposite cuz i REALLY HATE SMOKING AND SMOKERS … Shiftaw 7amlat Qirass ele ‘6ed el tadkhen ? .. ana 7amla ebro7y thanya ! i hate it walah ..

    o by the way its so NOT sexy what so ever ..

    its so rude when in a resturant you’re having a nice time o with a cool company o enjoying ur meal and it smell .. eyeek hatha warak .. el akh or some rare times the lady goes on smoking ..
    i gave the look of discuss and she/he never buys it .. gave the look again … never buys it .. till the point where i give up and tell the person that i have some breathing issues and its not a smoking area anyways with a fake smile on my face ..
    God i cant understand how ppl here in kuwait they stare at you like forever but never read signs !!! ..

    and about this sign that says its not allowed to sell tha packs to someone whos under 21 or so .. it happened for me too the same way it happened to Ali .. and i asked the cashir .. the Guy looks as if he’s 12 MAX why did you sell it to him ! .. he says that he’ll get called names or hit or anything for not selling them ( group of school boys)
    so he’s avoiding the shouting and all by selling them .. this is in kuwait .

    but if we’re out .. the school boy would be playing in his free time or doing his sport activity ..

    good topic at least maybe some of smokers would take some points of your episode and like quit smoking ? maybe who knows ..

    and again to those who think its sexy for gurls to look at you .. i shall tell you this : ITS YUCK , NOT SEXY WHAT SO EVER , AND YOU’LL BE LIKE A FOOL IF YOU DID THE *GETTING THE SMOKE OUT OF THE NOSE .

    7adi eshta6aait adree bs 9ig walah its rude !

    Thanks again to both of you ..
    and i’ll do my best to be the first commenter again ..
    althou i waited for the episode :((((

    anyways have a great weekend ..
    and i really hope non of you is a smoker :/

  4. All my comments are there now!! So good work for all the modifications you did on the site! I love it even more now with the comment problem is gone! 🙂

    I think it’s great to have Deera Chat Events!! If I was in Kuwait I’ll be so happy to be able to use it!

    I’m not into recording a comment! I like writing (if you haven’t noticed) just fine! Maybe if I break my fingers some day! 😀

    I smoked for 6 years, and I just stopped it one day and never looked back! My husband smoked too when I met him! But he stopped for me. We do award ourselves with a cigar!

    I don’t find smoking as sexy or attractive. But a cigar could be on some!! 😉 But for me I was never attracted to a smoker for his smoking.

    Releasing stress is a good point. But for me I changed smoking with gym! That worked even better for me, but I do understand some can’t do as I did!

    I never agreed with the food part! If you have a weight problem and were not a smoker then it will not help if you start! But it will help gaining weight if you stop it if you were a smoker! My husband got about 15kg in 2 months after stopping! But that was long time ago!

    I hate those people who don’t respect others by smoking in such places as you mentioned!! It’s true here in EU is very…very strict! And you could easily be kicked out for smoking in a wrong place! I happy with that!! It’s not fair if I don’t smoke and some one comes and gets all my cloths and hair smells like cigarettes because he/she has no manners!

    Yes!!! No Marlboro has been off the F1!!!! I am a big F1 fan so it made me happy! 😉

    I remember in Kuwait they never care about the age when selling! It needs work but for sure it’ll change to the better slowly.

    Last point guys: YOU ARE GREAT!!! 🙂

  5. Bedoor:
    Thanks and glad you liked this episode too.
    and i have to do more checking on how to use the audio comment … i will do it after coming back from Dubai.
    hahahaha and yeah that was Musaed’s idea about doing the good smoking thing
    hahahaha …
    and yeah people get really rude sometimes when it comes to smoking like they are the only ones in the room while buffing their cigarettes out … it is good to be considerate!!

    Noora Cassandara:
    glade that you liked the new website and yeah your comments won’t go away no more unless we move again heeheheh, lets just hope we won’t
    I LOVE DEERA CHAT EVENTS people really have to gather all kinds of information in one place to make their lives much easier and thats where deera chat come into play o keep on checking for what is happening in Kuwait
    A CIGAR >>> ME LOVE CIGARS BIG TIME specially when you smoke the whole thing is just 15 minutes … 😉
    and again about being sexy while smoking if u disagree with puppylove please talk to her to sort things out she is our defendant in this point
    substituting smoking with is the healthiest way of not doing smoking 😉
    i love the states and EU for applying the smoking rules … thats how it should be in our countries but who listens !!!
    thanks again for your comment and wish you all the best without cigarettes and with the cigars 😉

  6. etro7 o etred bel salama enshalaah ..
    and it is a great idea from mesaed it worked and i was in shock awal shay ;p ..

    about coffee smell .. im a coffee addict .. i love coffee .. coffee is not smoking .. coffee is WOW .. Smoking is YUCK .. there is no comparison between the Coffee aroma and the smell of smoke or smoking ppl … Yukh ;S ..

    i really hope you’re not a smoker ..and you too mesaed .. and drborashed and also fahad .. plz stay healthy 🙁 cham deera chat family i have .. only one .. sooo stay all healthy ..

    Bilsalama again Ali ..
    i know you’ll get me something nice from there ..
    peace … ;D

  7. i don’t have a problem with smokers.. i don’t care. it’s their life. it’s their decision and i don’t really give a shit. (please excuse my language :P) but if you’re smoking in my face then we have a problem.

    my father and older brother smoke.. but they try not to smoke infront of us but sometimes they just can’t help it.. i yell at my brother not to blow the smoke on me, bes ba3dain e3anid and he does.. which i don’t think is funny at all! i tell him that “second hand smoking could kill me, you know”. and he says “oh yeah? what a coincidence. so can i..” ooook 🙂

    ma3a oboy malik amal asawy nafs eshay. i respect him too much to be like that with him. so if it starts to be unbearable i just move and sit at another place. bes he always knows cause i sorta get tense and cough and stare at him and give him my “please get that thing away from me” smile 😛

    and i’m sorry but i also think it’s kinda sexy too 😛 it is. the sight of some guy holding the cigarette and puffing away. *sigh* it’s hott

  8. Great episode, and good work with the new website. I don’t have anything against smokers, I used to smoke and alhamdulilah I quit, even tho I enjoy the occasional sheesha etc. I noticed the sexy issue about smoking, but you know.. I think a lot of ppl see it as sexy because when they/we were young, our favorite movie stars and musicians (male and female) used to smoke in the “cool” scenes.. so we kind of think of it as sexy. John Wayne.. Clint Eastwood.. all the famous characters smoked, no wonder it seems sexy. anyway good job guys.

  9. Thank you all for your comments, please focus your writing on the topic itself and express you own take on things. you are addressing Deera chat family in your comment and not other listeners. enjoy the show and thank you for your understanding.

  10. WoW
    what a subject .. conversation & ending .. kesarto feena guys 🙂
    u know something .. I’m non smoker but I have experience with both males & females smokers … ignore boys ((e9bayan 🙂 )) & let’s talk about girls .. in my opinion they r more understanding & respecting others when they smoke … my golleagues banat .. I caught them smoking in our small kitchenette at work … they told me later that they use to smoke in WC’s .. Kitchen’s ..ect
    maybe they have some fears but thats better 4 me … no smoking in public


  11. I am the youngest employee in the office and the newest one. the others are older …way older than me; in their late 50s and they do smoke. il3ano bu 5ayery with smoking every two minutes or so.

  12. Simply put, a smoker bothers people around, affect their health, and whenever that person reaches home the smell bothers all their family, all of that just for his pleasure.

    I agree with what you said. You want to harm yourself, up to you, just keep it away from others.

  13. Life Drama:
    do think they smoke in Kitchens because they dont want to bother people, or is it because they do not want to be seen smoking?

    God Help you, I would really hate that, you just have to call in sick 😛 but really, its a problem when people are inconsiderate with their habits.

    welcome aboard, totally agree with you, you nailed it.

  14. smoking is not good because ppl just copy there mates and tht is not cool

    why do it?
    if u smoke u got a promblem so go to a agent and get it sorted ok bye x

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