Why Why Why!!!

Every time you drive down the road people stare at you and give you
looks … some people don’t do anything about it and some take it the
wrong way!!! is it cultural? is it something we have to worry about?
Listen to this week’s show and let us know :/
Also why every time you wait and line someone tries to sneak in and
takeover your place??? do you think it is annoying or you do nothing
about it?? so listen to this week’s episode where we talked about
these two topics and let us know.

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28 Replies to “Why Why Why!!!”

  1. Well as for staring its a terrible thing people do here for no reason, you rarely find some friendly faces around which is bad! and even if you try to smile its a dissaster!! I once wrote a post about the smile thing in Kuwait… http://chilloutkuwait.blogspot.com/2004/08/smile-observe-disaster-afterwards.html

    I my self love to smile I think its a simple nice thing to do, its even polite! but with time and experience with people in Kuwait I noticed that smilling to girls is less trouble making, but now I’m a bit more smily to guys how ever still very careful!!!!! not all guys get the smile as just a SMILE nothing more.

    The odd thing is that people when you look at them think that they want something? it still confuses me I mean we are out and we have eyes if we are not allowed to see other people who shall we see? I do cut out on eye contact as much as I can so that I wouldn’t get into troble however that should not be the case!

    يعني حتى الرسول محمد صلى الله عليه و سلم قال ابتسامك بوجه اخيك صدقه

    And the line thing! I do not know what is wrong with people, some of them seem to think that they are in an upper class so they should not wait like us poor simple ones 😀 madri !!

    All in all, when a comunity is involved in a problem I think the change comes with in, from us as individuals & hopefully that we will be effective in the people around us in a way that makes them want to change to the better :} I will keep smilling, I do not & will not stare at people for no reason and will stay in line 😀 in q8 & abroad ;p

  2. Hilwa salfat el-magsaf for the pizza LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    Ya hilookoom wallah, u guys are funny.

    And u cracked me up in the begining when u said: “ya akhee laish ma ti9ifoon dour??” LOOOOOOOOOOL yani the way u said it Musaed.

    U know, ppl have always told me that i smile too much, they tell me that guys will think u want them, and women will think that ur daloo3ah WTF?!

    But its true, if guys ask me for directions or if this cake is nice, or anything, if i respond to them with a smiley face, trying 2 be polite and nice, guys start 2 follow me and hand me their numbers!!And i tell them: “whats ur problem, i was being nice.” And they dont get it, and think that im bluffing, so they pretend that they believe me but still insist on giving it a thought and call them AAAGGGRRRRR!!

    i’ve been famous for my smile all my life, even at KU, my friends who were guys used 2 tell me, that guys say she smiles alot, we love her smile, and we know her, but if she smiles this much anywhere else she’ll get harassed HUH??

    its not like i smile in malls…

    and some girls and women think im adorable, and some say:”oh, u should not smile much, be careful, u should have a staight face, men are animals…”

    walla some are animals..heeheehee sorry

    OH OH OH!!! U guys mentioned my name right this moment while im typing!!! Allahhhhhh kash-khah ana…cool…

    I dont know where this habit came from…

    And dont get me started about cutting in line…LOOOOOOOOL

    I one of those ppl: “Loo sama7tay…eh-nah wagfeen gabel…” (excuse me, we were here first)

    Almost every freaking day!

  3. – Puppylove: i deleted the post by mistake, along with the comments … so i posted the post along with the comments again … you are wondering now how the hell did i get you guys wrote … hehehe … well i have this super power where i can just remember everything i read. regarding your comment it is very nice that you smile around and tiwaz3in ibtisamat, it is very comforting to other people and sends relaxation singles that you are a nice person. But as you said people in Kuwait always take it the wrong way and create a parade for you till you reach home. YOU HAVE TO STOP CUTTING LINE>>>>

    – Q80-chill girl: i checked your blog … man you are getting into podcasts ha …. you know i don’t listen to radio here in kuwait … i download the shows that i like, movies, sports, business, management and tech into my ipod and listen to whatever whenever i want. regarding your comment it is very nice. Also as puppylove said if a girl smiles to whomever they might get it the wrong way and she won’t do it again to not cause her any problems. but as you mentioned change starts from individuals … lets try not to take it the wrong way everyone looks at us…

    i didnt mean im the one who cuts the line, i meant that im the one who speaks out to the person who cuts the line….cuz i dont like 2 be quiet when i see something wrong….

  5. The reason people cut in line is some people here are selfish and don’t respect anyone. It shows from the way people drive over here, cutting people off, tailgating, etc. It’s nothing but disrespect for the people around you.
    Whose fault is that? 1. The family. 2. The education system. It’s called wezarat el tarbeya for a very good reason. Schools should be teaching children to RESPECT others, say PLEASE and THANK YOU, to throw their trash in the proper place, and who knows what else.
    The problem is, the country is full of 3agad, whose level is lower than animals. Animals are like that because they dont have a mind. These idiots have no excuse. Even if they’re educated, mako fayda. It’s the way they’re brought up.

  6. Dear Enigma
    you right in parts and wrong in parts …
    actually we are not trying to offend anyone here … the “3aqad” who really dislike … are not the reason why we have these two problems we talked about in the show … the two reasons you mentioned cover up play a big role in this matter … if we had a good education system 3agad and non 3aqad would follow the rules … but no we don’t !!!
    and again please don’t offend anyone we, from all backgrounds, all live in Kuwait and we all love her

  7. OMG
    The show is amazing … i am truly stunned with your performance. You have something different and the chemistry between the presenters is really good.

    This topic (Smiling to a total stranger) has been much talked about but it is very hard to change a whole community. Hopefully the new generation (us) can fix this ‘6ahirah.

    P.S. it is soo great to hear you guys laugh .. makes me wanna laugh as well
    P.S.S. hahahaaaaaa “Maq9af” Sha5bariiiiiiii, i feel so old right now

  8. Please point out to me where I offended anyone. As far as I know, the term “3agad” idoes not refer to a certain background. I have never heard a person say “Ana 3gaidy”, although it would be funny. A 3gaidy could be, bdewey, 7thiry, 3eemy etc. It’s the environment he’s brought up in, the way he acts, not which background he belongs to.

  9. That was a nice subject to discuss 🙂

    As for smiling am a smiling face no matter what 🙂

    someone once told me “Not all deserves your smile” I said “As long as deserve my smile as long as I will keep smiling”

    So smile and spread it all over Kuwait 🙂

  10. – Laily -Q8 : thanks for you support … just make sure you don’t forget to tell your friends about our show … and you are more than welcome to have our logo in your blog hehehehe 😉

    – Enigma : i asked about the term 3aqad and you were right … you were right … sorry for mis understanding

    – True Faith : hope you heard and liked the show … as far for smiling … it sends alot of friendly signals and tells the other people that you are an open person who you can at least talk to.
    thanks for your comment and don’t forget to mention us to your friends 😉

  11. bel nesba 7g el te5ezez.. tara it’s so damn annoying i hate it! y3nee, it’s okay if you smile to ppl who r staring at you.. i have no problem with that (if those people were females or sheyaaab) 😛 bes el meshkela el shabab gets it in a wrong way.. y3nee because of a lil smile yel7gik laima twa9el el bait!! :S oo y3nee they stare 3shaan el banat y36oonhum wayh! haha i personally stare back at them eb na6’rat “GO GET A LIFE!” 😛

    oo for the queue thingie.. we dont have such problems in Bahrain.. or atleast, i’ve never been in 1 *el7mdellah* cuz i’d kill that person haha! like seriously ana 9arlee sa3a wagfaa oo enta etyeey jedamy? bs tara sa3aat y3nee etha z7ma fee nas eswoon chethee! bs ma7d y36eehum wayh LOLL

    Thanks for the interesting episode. 😉

  12. ee wallah, about the 5ZzZz shy 3jeeb ehnee. Ana la7’6t halshy mn ftra bs (yemkin linny mn elnoo3 elly ma a6al3 wayed mn elbait o etha 6ala3t amashy b7aly ma a6al3 flan o 3lan) lama nroo7 any mall nlga kil elawadim ye6al3onna chinna yayeen mn kawkab thanny ma chinik adimy 7alik 7alhooom. eb9ara7a shay ebi6 elchabd.

    And about staying in a line, tara mo bs bel lines 7ata 3nd el2sharat; edishoon 3alaik 3r’9 o eyqalq9oon 3omorhom ‘3a9ib. O in the line ana shino “thiroog” a5af ma a5aleehhom eyeeny 6ishar, theek elsa3ah ma teswa fashlity jidam elnass. Ana ma at7acha bs a7awel adizhom mn el line eb6areeqa ‘3air mobashrah, ya3ny asawy roo7y chinna elly waray edizoony o adizha o a6ali3ha mn el line ;pPp
    (hena mo55on mish frdit gazma) 3ala gola6 e5wana el Egyptian.

    O ya36eekom Zillion 3afya 3ala hal episode; I really enjoyed it.


  13. – Missy : see you try to be good by smiling back and you get offended … no good no good … just ignore them and keep on smiling …
    that’s good you guys don’t have such a problem in Bahrain … you have to come here to kuwait and see how terrible things … 7ata bil line fi was6a!!!
    by the way it is nice Deera Chat have fans in Bahrain … so spread the word 😉

    – Solo: Thanks for you comment … man everyone agrees with us about this topic … hehehehe unlike the other episodes … seems like everyone is having trouble with people staring at them hehehe !!

    and BIG LOOOOOL at the line story …. HAHAHAHA
    nice one … i should try it some time 😉

    – Cozy: thanks cozy for your comment and sir mithilna niwazi3 ibtisamat oo nisalim 3al il 3alam 😉
    welcome to deera chat fan club 😉

  14. min wain yat hal thahira? madri! but personally, if i feel like smiling, nothing is going to stop me:p ana amshi + awazzi3 ibtisamaat, i can’t not smile!

    re: cutting in line
    i agree with u guys, was6a plays a *huge* role in this. teachers used to tell us off for cutting in line bil canteen o they wouldn’t even let us give the money to someone who was wagif jidam 3ashan i7na man9if bildowr! we’d waste half the breaktime standing in line. and what do they do? cut in line! oh well, perks of being a teacher i suppose. bas ya3ni theyre sending the students mixed messages. chinna igooloon if ure important, lines aren’t important aw shay.

  15. Yeah, you should; it is affective. Es2al elmjarb. 😉
    and i forgot to comment about people who smile, here in kuwait sounds like a sin smiling to anyone, el7imdlillah o elshikr. if you smile they’re gana say “shtabey hathy tebtisimly? a3arifha et3arifny shtaby?”. o etha elwahid mabtisam galow “ge6ee3a laish hatha mkashr china lay3a chabda”. en ebtisamna WAWAILAH on en kashrna ham WAWAILAH. Ma3rfnalhom wallah.

  16. – Dandoon : it seems like all of our listeners yiwaz3oon ibtisamat which is good.
    i totally agree about il was6a role which is horrible and desctruction our society to the point no one is getting what s/he deserves.
    thanks dandoon for your support.

    – Solo: hahahaha people stop smiling to each other if they recive negative feedback from their smiles which is not good. LOOOL at WAWAILAH

  17. Tawni asma3 hal 7alqa
    Nice topic, supports my last post. You can check it out if you have time.

    il taksheer mala sheghil bil “sharqiyeen wala il 3arab” e7na mojtama3na ywallid thughoo6 3alaina.. We live with a judgmental people. If we believe it’s not wrong (hence we only do it when we’re in some other world) We’d do it all the time. If we’re too paranoid we’d stop and pretend to be someone we’re not.

    I’m happy, nothing will stop me from sending that message to the world (ishta6ait – mal it7i6ooni wiyakom bil show)

    Lama yseer eye contact with a stranger in the same place, smile and go back to whatever you’ve been doing.. Because it’s rude not to.. ma feeha shay (il ibtisama sadaqa). a7san min sowalif khizni wakhizik ow 7ash ow garath. BE NIC FOR A CHANGE

    (Regarding il 6aboor: Saaj 3ali tawni bagoul il was6a ehya elli 3alimatna ma ni7terim il dor wil a7aqiyya 7ag mino)

    Good job you guys
    Keep smiling 🙂

  18. Well no offense to you guys but i’ve noticed the staring from kuwaitis even abroad! when we travel and see arab people we auatomatically smile and “salim” , gosh i’d remeber times that some families would actaully look into our eyes and not even reply back, OMG was I so offended; I always loked at all the arabs as people of my own skin, wily mis’hom emisny! Obviousley theres no reason to stereotype and I undestand your dilemma in trying to find a reasonable logic explaination.

    ya rab yahdee il jamee3!

    and oh about the line cutting, hahaha c’mon were arabs everything is done the opposite way 😛

    my advise, stay in line, smile when you feel like and stare 3ala ra7atkom 😉

  19. – Papillona : thanks for listening to our show, regarding your opinion, i guess you are right … and that’s what we said in the show that people judge you for your looks which can be clothing, car, hair do, makeup, shoes, watch or whatever!!
    and yeah was6a as i believe played a big role in the cutting lines matter.

    P.S. you are more than welcome to join our show, but please go to contact us page and fill out a job application and it takes 5 to 10 weeks to process so be patient with us hahahaha.

    – G: we are not offended by your comment! you are right … because they only stare at their kind!! hahahaha.

  20. looooooooooooooooool ;P

    عاد سالفة الخز احنا الكويتيين تخصص فيها ههههههههه صارت فينا عاده وحتى بره اذا الكويتي شاف كويتي ثاني قعد يخز فيه خز وخصوصا البنات عاد احنا نقول حق بعض اي كويتي ماكو فايده يموت على الخز هههه


    سالفة صف بالدور والله معاكم حق انا يوم كنت بره حتى بالحمام تكرمون يصفون بالدووور والله استحيت من نفسي وقلت احنا ليش مو جذي ؟؟

    يعطيكم العافيه …:)

  21. Yesterday while I was driving to the chalet, I started listening to your podcast from the beg, episode after episode, taboon el sara7a guys its clear to me the effort and the outstanding work put into the podcast, and the thing that makes your show work is that its, real.

    About the things you discussed on the ‘7az and t’76er, You reminded me of two videos I’ve made containing those same topics 🙂 done only a few months ago !, one of them a video clip, and the other a short, check them out at the portfolio section of my blog at :


    Blog: http://www.ahmad.tv

    keep it up Musaed & Ali !

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