Why Work-Study?

provigil drug buy online Many people when they reach a certain age, they realize the mistakes they’ve done in the past and one of them is not finishing school. Our world now cares about the degree you have and the higher your degree, the more money will go into your pocket, “common sense”. being in a free education country and everything is easy to get country made this fact the least of some people’s concern. Keeping the story short, listen to our show this week and let us know what you think

3 Replies to “Why Work-Study?”

  1. it is a heavy subject.
    the amount of ppl continuing their education is amazing to see.
    I know a lot of people continuing in egypt which required you to attend two months out of the whole year, or in bahrain which offers weekend school.
    its sad to see kuwait cant offer the same to its citizens.
    But on the other hand, like everything else, ppl tend to abuse that privilege.
    ppl used to take ejaza derasiyah all year round, have their salary in full and achieve nothing, and the ppl that managed to take both tasks on, ended up sacrificing one over the other. their work had to suffer, or their education has to suffer, and like everything else in this country instead of finding an adequate solution the whole thing was shut down.

    why you ask, ill tell u why cz ppl in charge malhum khlg yfakroon eb shay mofeed, their too busy running their own agendas. its their time to fill their pockets not waste it on ppl.

  2. I would like to thank you guys for just being here, it’s really nice of you to light up my days here away from home,<<>> because our beloved country suffered alot from the very close-mineded people, these people can’t see how life could be with higher education and work experince as well .
    Both fields are full of challenges for sure but it’s up to the person and his or her abilities to balance it, in addition we are in a country where the systems and laws are in a very bad shape” losing weight maybe the answer”.
    on the other hand WHY the goverment has to pay for everything??? i.e Kuwaiti people are really lucky to find such income no matter what they say about the expensive life in Kuwait, I live away from home now and I see how many people really suffer to live a very basic life without fancy cars or free education. It’s very sad to see how life is unfair sometimes.
    OH BTW I noticed the funny tune Musad had when Ali said something about the 5th ring hahaha that was funny. <> + the way you said NASHEF at the begining of the conversation made me think of something nasty looooooool
    End of the story, it was a very good episode. Take care.

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