Wudu in Public places

have you ever been to bathroom in a mall and found it dripping water from top to bottom, even trash canes are filled with water,  and the reason most likely is because of the prayer time. This week in Deera Chat we talk about this issue, about why we do that in public areas where other people will not be able to use the bathroom after we finish Wudu. We are not discouraging Wudu and prayer in public but we would like see more people use the bathroom and leave it CLEAN for others.  may be we need to use stuff similar to the below picture. Listen  up  and  enjoy

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  1. Islam is now carried out only by the name. Unfortunately we find what Islam urges us to do in None muslims and muslims have lost these values. Muslims go abroad and keep everything clean whereas here they don’t care. You see the muddy floors in the bathrooms and tissues on the floor next to the trash pin! Once I had to take my daughter to the bathroom which was really dirty and no human being can accept using it and the problem is that the cleaning lady was sitting chatting in her mobile. Got really angry and don’t know how I shouted at her because of the mess. People have to care of public bathrooms as well as other public places as they keep their houses and the foreign countries clean. Sometimes people have to pay so that they feel the importance of the place.

  2. Wow !!! I’m the only one to leave a comment uptil now ?!!! Then I deserve a reward for being an active participant ‘ don’t I ?!!! 🙂

  3. Raja
    thanks for commenting and yes you are doing a GREAT JOB hehehehe
    as for your comment, we totally agree that people here don’t apply Islam properly in life, praying every day 5 times doesn’t mean you are a good muslim … it is about they way you treat your fellow muslims and the way you behalf around people. well lets hope with time people will learn some basics on how to keep things clean and how to properly deal with their fellow “human beings”

    thanks for your comment and welcome on board

  4. its been a while since i checked your podcast. i completely forgot about it. so i had alot of catching up to do today :)… listened to everything i missed.

    public bathrooms,

    its not just a matter of wudu2, they’re disgusting … you need anti bacterials, anti fungal, anti viral wipes just to hold the door knob. so why bother going in the first place.

    but u’r right, sometimes we have to, like if we were running late and we have to pray.

    the thing that bothers me is that we;re muslims. and cleaniness is part of our religion and yet we don’t see any act of cleaniness in any public place. not just bathrooms

  5. Absolutely right, I’m from the UK and we are very careful about the way we leave the sinks so that other users (muslims or non muslims ) are not inconvenienced by our worship. I think that more people in the Middle East need to travel and see and learn about the way muslims in Europe are living with the non muslims and try to understand and bring the true values of Islam into their lives. I also believe that too much reliance on cheap labour makes us lazy and not clean up after ourselves. My kids refuse to use the kind of toilets which are disgusting and prefer to use the desert!!

  6. Grammar King
    thanks for commenting and looking forward to more comments from people living in England
    and as for your idea … i think it would be great if the people here make a field trip and check out the way you guys interact with muslims and non muslims … hope that will help at least understand what the word “clean” means

  7. The products in that photo dont exist any more, but there is one called Wuduseat. Its simple and easy to install so there should be one in all public places – safe and dry floors. I’ve seen one in several places in the UK so there are no excuses

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